Friday, May 28, 2004

Draft Update

Sorry for the lack of updates, but then again, the new Blogger post format is not compatible with me. IOW, it sucks. :)

Here's the top draft-eligible college guys for each stat:

Batting average:

1- Caleb Moore (East Tenn. State - C - Jr.) .466 (193 AB)
2- Stephen Carter (Eastern Kentucky - OF - Sr.) .462 (173 AB)
3- Brian Bixler (Eastern Michigan - SS - Jr.) .443 (219 AB)
4- Bryant Lange (Jackson State - OF - Jr.) .439 (164 AB)
5- Kurt Suzuki (Cal St. Fullerton - C - Jr.) .438 (201 AB)
6- Jim Geldhof (Central Michigan - INF - Jr.) .429 (219 AB)
7- Jonathan Woodard, (Eastern Kentucky - INF - Sr.) .427 (175 AB)
8- Trey Hendricks (Harvard - SP/RP - Sr.) .427 (143 AB)
9- Bryant Jones (Tenn.-Martin - SS - Sr.) .425 (226 AB)
10- Byron Barber (Col. of Charleston - OF - Jr.) .415 (224 AB)

(And yes, I will exclude any Army or Navy players, since there's no real shot that they'll be drafted anyways)

Doubles per Game:

1- Caleb Moore (East Tenn. St. - C - Jr.) .6 (30 in 50 games)
2- Ryan Norwood (East Carolina - 1B - Jr.) .5 (28 in 56 games)
3- Matt Ciaramella (Utah - OF - Jr.) .49 (27 in 55 games)
4- Reed Eastley (Niagara - SS - Jr.) .47 (24 in 51)
4- Ryan Jones (East Carolina - OF - Sr.) .47 (24 in 51)
6- Dan Batz, (Rhode Island - INF - Sr.) .46 (24 in 52)
7- Chris Clark (Eastern Ky. - C - Sr.) .45 (20 in 44)
7- Matt Shepherd (Southern Miss. - SS - Jr.) .45 (25 in 55)
9- Frankie Montiel (Southeast Mo. St. - OF - Jr.) .44 (20 in 45)
10- Keith Brachold (Marist - OF - Jr.) .44 (23 in 52)

Home Runs per game:

1- Billy Becher (New Mexico St. - 1B - Sr.) .43 (24HR in 56 games)
2- P.J. Hiser (Pittsburgh - SP/RP - Sr.) .41 (21HR in 51 games)
3- Mike Ferris (Miami (Ohio) - INF - Jr.) .4 (21HR in 53 games)
3- Drew Moffitt (Wichita St. - OF - Sr.) .4 (21HR in 53 games)
5- Jared Greenwood (Western Carolina - 1B - Jr.) .39 (21HR in 54 games)

K per 9:

Jered Weaver (Long Beach State - Jr.) 13.4 k/9
Justin Verlander (Old Dominion - Jr.) 13.2 k/9
Bill Bray (William & Mary - Jr.) 12.9 k/9
Philip Humber (Rice - Jr.) 12.1 k/9
Nate Moore (Troy St. - Jr.) 12 k/9
Chris Mobley (Middle Tennessee - Jr.) 12 k/9
Ryan Hamilton (Arkansas State - Sr.) 11.6 k/9

Other numbers, since the Royals will go into the 'low-cost' draft business (which isn't all bad, I guess)

The Best Base Stealer in Division I - Ryan Welborn (Oral Roberts - OF - Sr.), 27 steals in 28 tries

#4 on that list - Matt Vanderbosch (Oral Roberts - OF - Sr.), 39 steals in 42 tries

The Best Base Stealer in Division II - Starling Odoms (Paine - Starter/Reliever - Jr.), 42 steals in 42 tries

Anyways, we'll see how it goes
- # posted by Robert : 1:47 PM

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Feel a bit better

Greinke rocked in his debut

and soon.. we'll all be in the 'Cult of Mendy Lopez'

So, just lay back and enjoy it.
- # posted by Robert : 2:07 PM

Friday, May 14, 2004

Short comment on the trade rumors

If we go for this deal, then Baird deserves to be mocked.

Freddy Friggin Garcia?

Come on..

look at his numbers for a moment.

He pitches in Safeco Field, and here are his numbers from 2001 to 2003 on HRs allowed there.

16 (in 16 games), 15 (in 17), 9 (in 17)

I don't expect Garcia to be useful to us at all. I expect that if he becomes a Royal, he will make the Neifi Perez deal look wise.

We'll excuse these numbers too

Garcia at the K:

6 games, 2-3, 33 innings, 50 hits, 28 runs (25 earned), 4 home runs, 7 walks, 19 strikeouts, 6.82 ERA, 1.73 WHIP, .352 OBA

Beltran for Garcia would be an immense ripoff.
- # posted by Robert : 5:42 PM

Thursday, May 13, 2004


#1 - both wins were really good

Tuesday, we had a dominant time with just two pitchers

Wednesday, we had another good come from behind victory

#2 - When it comes to Juan, it appears the fans are a bit mad at time. So is Jack 'non-Baseball fan' Harry. But, I won't may much attention to Jack.

As for the new arena, that might calm down the "Royals in Downtown" people.

- # posted by Robert : 7:08 PM

Monday, May 10, 2004

It seems that you've been living two lives. One life, you're Brian Anderson, Cornhusker football fan and accountant. You have a social security number, pay your taxes, and you... help your landlady carry out her garbage. The other life is lived during the summer, where you go by the alias "Al B. Anderson" and are guilty of virtually every crime against pitching which we have laws for. One of these lives has a future, and one of them does not

Geez Anderson..
- # posted by Robert : 8:37 PM

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Thoughts so far

Pokey Reese has hit two home runs, that says it all.

I'm sure Tony Pena didn't expect Jason Grimsley to give up a home run to Pokey Reese.

When the firesale happens, we should try to deal off a guy or two to the Braves, those trades don't seem to hurt us.

Either way, I wouldn't mind ditching Santiago, Stairs, and other guys who are close to 35 or over.

Gonzalez will stay here, I don't see a market for him.

Beltran should be traded. We'd get more for him if we trade him than if we take a crapshoot with draft picks

And the pace-meter, unless the Royals wake up and win today:

2004: 8-20
2003: 19-9
2002: 8-20
2001: 10-18
2000: 13-15
1999: 13-15
1998: 12-16
1997: 14-14
1996: 9-19
1995: 14-14
1992: 8-20

(Yes, it's true, this team is just as bad at the 2002 team, and worse than every other Muser team, and worse than every Bob Boone team)
- # posted by Robert : 2:34 PM
Greinke news

[Unrelated tidbit: After 27 games, the 2004 Royals and the 2002 Royals are both 8-19]


Greinke pitched four innings.

That's right.

Four innings.

4 hits allowed. 1 run (a home run by Larry Sutton). 3 strikeouts, 1 walk.

It's surprising his arm didn't fall off due to such a grueling start. :P

Let me just start the countdown. 24 days.

24 days until they can call up Zack Greinke without losing a year of free agency.
- # posted by Robert : 12:08 AM

Friday, May 07, 2004

The Gonzalez Code

Part 1, I think.

Here's what i've gathered from some quick spreadsheet work on Gonzalez's stats, using percentages for singles, doubles, triples, homers, walks, strikeouts, groundballs and flyballs. (There's other stats I could include, but I got 100% for each year, so it's fine)

Here's the results from this year

After 104 plate appearances,
31% of which ended in groundball outs
28% ended in flyball outs
17% ended in singles
11% ended in strikeouts
6% ended in walks
4% ended in doubles
3% ended in homers
1% ended with a triple

The strikeout percentage is the lowest in Gonzalez's career. The GB percentage is higher than the FB percentage for only the second time in his career (1993 being the other time). The single percentage is the highest ever. (In fact, the GB percentage is also the highest ever).

Gonzalez's hitting isn't a huge problem, but who wanted to sign him so he could hit singles?
- # posted by Robert : 10:45 PM
Let's put a positive spin on this

How's Pena supposed to know that Mike MacDougal wasn't quite pitching well? It's not like he blew a save in Toronto.

As well, there's some way to positively spin how Beltran blew it on that flyball that Stairs couldn't get.

And the throw by Stairs to the infield, that Desi couldn't get, and that Harvey couldn't get.

Mike MacDougal is not quite closer material. Maybe Nate Field and his radical marxist philosophy of 'not walking the first batter' can overtake the mindset of the coaches. "Nibble the corners Nate" "No"

And pitching Jeremy Affeldt 122 pitches is questionable. Questionable meaning 'stupid'.

Tony Pena didn't win manager of the year due to his skills at in-game managing. He's horrible at handling pitchers.

And in a tie game, what's the harm in putting someone in right field who would be able to run?

Considering this team has some sort of ADD where Guiel slumps and gets benched, and then DeJesus flops and gets sent to purgatory, I'd pin the blame on this horrible start on Pena and Baird.

Baird blew it big time when it came to getting pitching. Granted, he probably foolishly thought that Kyle Snyder and Miguel Asencio wouldn't get hurt, again.

Spring Training was notable more for a country singer and having fun than actually training. Pena's style has failed to work with Santiago, it has failed to work with the new veterans on the team. There's simply too many of them on the team anyways.

As for trading Sweeney, not gonna happen. Doing that would just kill attendence. Face it, alot of people are Sweeney fans.
- # posted by Robert : 9:00 PM

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Meanwhile, fallout

Word on the street: Pena yelled at the team.

Meanwhile, so far, i'm gonna declare the new lineup to be a failure. It seems that the offense is deader than ever.
- # posted by Robert : 9:05 PM

This has to be the most disappointing team since 1992.

How long until someone links our 'homerball' to the tennis ball machine? that might be one of the culprits.

As for Kelly Stinnett, who is hailed by some, he's 0 for 2 tonight, and he's left 5 on base
- # posted by Robert : 7:23 PM

Monday, May 03, 2004

Skydome is a tomb

(7:07) Even Tropicana Field showed signs of life when we played there in 2003. Although, that was because Royals fans chanted "Lets go Royals"

Here's a disturbing image: Jimmy Gobble with the Johnny Damon look



- # posted by Robert : 7:07 PM

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Leskanic to retire at the end of the season


Offseason shoulder surgery cost Leskanic the entire 2002 season and he won't go through that again. He plans to retire after this season and will have surgery then. But not now.


"I mean I've got a hole in my rotator cuff. A full thickness tear all the way through," he said.

Ya know Curtis, you might want to do something about that before you start tearing it some more.

Unless you want to replace Rich Thompson as our 'pinch runner' or something.

Anyways, we'll save the memories for later.
- # posted by Robert : 8:51 PM
The Team Review (so far)

Jeremy Affeldt - Decent for every other start (it seems). Bouncing back from a 0K showing to pitch somewhat well today.

Brian Anderson - Disappointing. That's all you really have to say.

Kevin Appier - A mere shadow of his former glory

Shawn Camp - He's turned out to be a plesant surprise

D.J. Carrasco - Just didn't do enough to save himself

Jaime Cerda - Not too bad.

Nate Field - Even if Tony Pena doesn't want to send him out for more than an inning (10 pitches, that must have just exhausted him), he's been a good reliever so far.

Jimmy Gobble - Probably the best starter so far on the team, which doesn't say too much.

Jason Grimsley - Proof that you can put crap in a nice package and fool people. His ERA is deceptive because he lets other people's runners score. He's just not very reliable. He does give up alot of groundballs. Which really isn't that great, if you think about it. He might bounce back, or Pena may finally blow his arm out

Justin Huisman - Impressive so far. But, still not immune from being called down for 10 days.

Curtis Leskanic - Please go away Curtis, and give up chewing tobacco too, it's a nasty habit.

Mike MacDougal - One good outing so far, and his hat hasn't flown off of his head (yet). Still the best candidate for the unneeded Closer job.

Darrell May - Can't seem to get out of the 6th inning. The carriage is a pumpkin now.

Dennys Reyes - Somewhat good so far. We'll see if he keeps it up

Scott Sullivan - Very shaky.

Eduardo Villacis - Well, he does look alot like Runelvys Hernandez

Benito Santiago - Hopefully his quest to chase down Fisk won't harm the team too much.

Kelly Stinnett - Pretty good in cameos. 18 PAs doesn't really indicate anything either

Angel Berroa - Other than the DL stint, he's had a rather mediocre second season. So, when will he lose the leadoff spot?

Andres Blanco - Impressive fielder, unable to hit the ball out of the infield consistantly

Tony Graffanino - Wasn't too bad in his role. Never did too much that stood out to me either.

Ken Harvey - His stats will probably deflate a bit soon. Still, he's fighting the platoon-monster. He's one of the larger line-drive hitters around, and he's faster than you'd expect

Mendy Lopez - One highlight, not too much else.

Joe Randa - Starting off well again this year.

Desi Relaford - Incomplete

Mike Sweeney - Relatively good start to the year

Carlos Beltran - The Man. It's a shame that we won't have the money to resign him, but then again, we might need alot of it too.

David DeJesus - Ugly start. Looks a bit like Johnny Damon.

Juan Gonzalez - Sorta average start, although some fans want him to get on pace for 50 HRs and 150 RBI too

Aaron Guiel - Helpful early, lousy later.

Matt Stairs - Also fighting against the 'platoon', by swinging wildly at anything thrown his way.

Rich Thompson - Farewell, speedyman.


A short rant:

Basically, if you pay enough attention, you're noticing that the peasants are revolting and targetting specific 'reasons' for the lousy start. The pitching is a target, justifiably so. And the other targets have been players such as Santiago, Gonzalez and DeJesus.

I don't think it's slanderous to say that Kansas City sports fans are just vengeful. There's the "football fan" element that contributes to this. The football fans being the same guys who ran coaches and quarterbacks out of town. As well, I'd say there's some unintentional favoritism towards the more white players on the team. I'm not accusing anybody or any group of anything in general, but basically there's more of a following for a player like Aaron Guiel than David DeJesus. Especially after DeJesus' start. They've come out to ask "Why is Guiel benched?", which is also a valid question. But, in the long run, DeJesus will contribute more to the team than Guiel. Guiel is average, with a tendancy to surge from time to time. This same sort of attitude has contributed to fans who are sour on Juan Gonzalez. Although there's probably a general disappointment as well. Matt Stairs is another emerging favorite. There's a possibility of the very slow outfield of Stairs/Beltran/Gonzalez (Well, Carlos will have more territory to roam). Another target of resentment is Mendy Lopez, who will be around for a little bit because he's learned to play alot of positions.

What's changed between 2003 and 2004?

basically, some of it is reality, some of it is just bad baseball.

The reality is that we were a bit lucky in 2003.

The bad baseball is obvious, multiple times with the bases loaded, we don't throw to home. There's defensive errors and lousy fielding in general. One thing is that Ken Harvey better at recieving throws at first than Sweeney. Although Harvey has moments where he doesn't look good.

There's too many veterans. Too many pieces that can't be moved. You saw that problem when we had to move Huisman down to call up Villacis. When you had veterans like Leskanic who are just god-awful.

I expect Curtis to be put on the DL in the next week, allowing us to bring up Huisman again. And let's face it, if Curtis isn't hurt, we should say he is, just because. Leskanic has reached 'Albie Lopez' depths in just horrible pitching. He has two shaky saves, two blown saves and that god-awful game yesterday

Grimsley might end up getting a bit better, but you can't put him in with runners on base right now. It's just too risky. Oh yeah, the sound you should hear with Grimsley pitching and Santiago catching is the runner going for second.

Alot of people have drastic plans to try and change everything. Nevermind that drastic change will probably screw things up more for the team.

Let's shuffle things a bit, assuming that Leskanic is put on the DL, and Villacis returns to Wichita (let's move him down and bring Greinke up)

"King" (Main Closer): MacDougal
"Princes" (Set-up men or closers): Huisman and Sullivan
Middle-men: Field, Grimsley, Camp, Reyes

Jeremy Affeldt, Brian Anderson, Jimmy Gobble, Zack Greinke, Darrell May

Yes, I know we'll be saving money if we keep Greinke down in Omaha. But, I don't think it really matters either way. Unless he end up really happy here, he's going to leave when he has his first chance. He just seems frustrated at the limitations put on him by the organization (pitch counts, inning limits).
Maybe i'm just motivated to advocate this when an inexperienced minor league reliever gets called up and the reasons for such an action are the same as you'd have for a Greinke call-up.

Right now, Tony Pena's credibility is slipping. Allard Baird's magic touch is becoming irrelevant.

Well, that's all, I guess. It's a good thing that Toronto hasn't started off too good, or else this trip could be a total disaster.
- # posted by Robert : 5:49 PM

Saturday, May 01, 2004


Rany says it all.

Calling up Villacis is just plainly stupid.

There's no way that Villacis is any more worthy of a start than Zack Greinke.

No way in hell.

Allard can't be honest with us and tell us that the reason that Greinke didn't start is because of money.

Let's go though the reasons that Villacis was called up.

"He's a confident kid, a little bit cocky in a good way," Baird said. "He's a strike thrower which is important against a team like the Yankees. They're very patient at the plate."

Confident - Yeah.. so?

Strikethrower - Zero strikeouts in 3 1/3 innings, 36 strikes, 30 balls, 4 walks.

Um.. yeah Allard.

Meanwhile in the game, we're down by 3, and Gaskanic is out.
- # posted by Robert : 2:40 PM

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