Sunday, March 28, 2004

Oh.. yeah.. i'm around

and Jamey Wright is back, for when we need a guy to throw a few complete games (after May 1st)

and Juan Gonzalez appears happy too.

Grienke starts in Omaha.

Asencio is out for the year. And we try to claim there's no sign that something is going wrong. Something is going wrong. Obviously.

So.. we're looking at Affeldt, Anderson, May.. then..

George (Mr. March?)

then Appier (when healthy)

Ok then.
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Sunday, March 07, 2004



You're cut
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Split Squad Action

The Rockies beat the Roys
The Cubs and the Als went to a tie

the starters for the Roys

Berroa (SS)
Beltran (CF)
Gonzalez (DH)
Santiago (C)
Harvey (1B)
Gomez (LF)
Graffanino (2B)
Maier (3B)
Thompson (RF)
Greinke (P)

Beltran scored today, nobody else did.

Greinke struck out 3 in 1 2/3 innings, giving up 3 hits. I'd say it's still impressive, with strikeouts for 3 out of 5 outs

Dawley struck out 4

Dennys Reyes got the loss

Grimsley and Vazquez struck out 2

Rockies 4, Greinkes 1

and the starters for the Als

Relaford (2B)
Adrian Brown (LF)
Matt Stairs (1B)
Randa (3B)
Stinnett (C)
Guiel (RF)
Mendy Lopez (SS)
David DeJesus (CF)
Erik Hiljus (P)

First.. the pitcher spot moved freely, from #9 to #6 to #1

Chip Alley got a cameo in right field, going 0 for 1

Mendy Lopez kept up his reign of terror, going 1 for 2

Greg Maddux outclassed Erik Hiljus a bit today too.

And the score was 4-4 after 9

Les Walrond made a cameo today, pitching well, it seems.

And here's stuff from some notes on the game:

"The Good: Our main pitchers have pitched pretty well. Mcdougal, Grimsley, Affeldt, Anderson, Greinke, Sullivan. Angel Berroa is playing well.

The Bad: Our defense sucks right now.

The Horrible: Dennys Reyes- watched 2 dribblers roll right by him without making an attempt. He then failed to back up a throw from the outfield. Fat, Lazy, and doesn't throw strikes.

Something to watch: our 1st baseman need to keep their head in the game. Santiago wanted to throw behind the runner twice and Harvey wasn't there.

Mitch Maier is years from converting to a competent 3rd baseman.

How down on Dee Brown are the Royals? They had Split squads today and Dee only got a pinch hitting appearance. (took a called 3rd strike)."

As for Greinke

"“He had a good game plan,” catcher Benito Santiago said. “He impressed me the way he went out there and did his business. He looked like he had 15 years in the league already with the command. He knows how to take something off his fastball, and he’s very smart.”"
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OOTP5 stuff

In absence of real stuff to mention, here's some faked stuff.

(Although first.. the KC star news includes..

Lima is enthusiastic


Posnanski has a good piece on Pena)

as for the Out of the Park stuff..

Beltran got hurt, which didn't work out well since he was replaced by Manuel Ravelo (traded from Pittsburgh to Boston to KC) for 5 weeks.

Wilson Alvarez threw a no-hitter


the Royals beat the Dodgers by the score of 20-0

(yes, 2004 has the same interleague opponents as 2003)

among the stars of that game..

Beltran - 4 for 5
Stairs - 4 for 4, double, homer, 5 RBI
Patterson - 2 for 6, homer, 4 RBI
Starting Pitcher Kip Wells - 5 for 6, homer, 4 RBI, 9 innings, 2 walks, 3 strikeouts, 5 hits allowed, 100 pitches thrown.

Yes, if I am up 20, I wouldn't usually keep the pitcher in, but Wells was hitting pretty freaking well too.

Doubles: C. Beltran (5, 9th inning off Obermueller, 0 on, 1 out.) M. Stairs (3, 4th inning off Walker, 0 on, 1 out.) K. Wells (1, 7th inning off Gonzalez, 0 on, 1 out.)

Homeruns: K. Harvey (14, 7th inning off Gonzalez, 1 on, 2 out.) M. Stairs (9, 2nd inning off Sullivan, 2 on, 1 out.) J. Patterson (6, 8th inning off Shuey, 2 on, 0 out.) G. Zaun (4, 2nd inning off Sullivan, 0 on, 2 out.) K. Wells (1, 3rd inning off Sullivan, 0 on, 0 out.)

Runs Batted In: K. Harvey 2 (46), M. Sweeney (38), M. Stairs 5 (28), J. Patterson 4 (25), G. Zaun (18), B. Hill 3 (27), K. Wells 4 (4)

Stolen Bases: C. Beltran (11)"

Now.. we could use some 20-0 wins in real life.

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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Royals on OOTP5

My first year (2003) wasn't as great as the last Royals season.

72-90, third place..

this year.. 6-5 so far.

But, the team is a bit patchwork like. Stuff didn't work out on the game like it did in real life (like with Berroa or Greinke or DeJesus)

so.. the Royals lineup against LHP

C- Gregg Zaun (FA signing)
1B- Mike Sweeney
2B- Bobby Hill (trade, Moye/Meadows to the Cubs for Hill)
3B- Bill Mueller (FA signing)
SS- Desi Relaford
LF- Eduardo Perez (FA signing)
CF- Carlos Beltran
RF- Richard Hidalgo (trade, Gettis to the Braves for Hidalgo. Richard was traded to the Braves by me in 2003 and I got Nick Green for him)
DH- Ken Harvey

and against RHP

C- Zaun
1B- Sweeney
2B- Hill
3B- Jarrod Patterson
SS- Relaford
LF- Jacob Cruz (FA signing)
CF- Beltran
RF- Matt Stairs (FA signing)
DH- Ken Harvey

The starting four: Elvys, Affeldt, Wilson Alvarez (trade, Angel Sanchez/Asencio for Alvarez), Ryan Anderson (trade, Mike Coolbaugh to the Mariners)

Here are some of the other ways that reality has been altered in the game

Chris George kills left-handed batting on the game

George v. LHB
2003 - 122 AB, 12 hits allowed, 13 walks/43 strikeouts, .098/.196/.156
2004 - 11 AB, 0 hits allowed, 2 strikeouts

and his 2003 numbers v. RHB: .368/.432/.595, 43 strikeouts, 32 walks

Ken Harvey's hitting was questionable in 2003

v. LHP: .804 OPS
v. RHP: .788 OPS

.260/.311/.483, 30 HR, 35 walks, 117 strikeouts

as for other guys

Bobby Hill kills LHP

Jacob Cruz, in his platoon role, is hitting well

v. RHP: .321/.424/.571 (28 AB)
v. LHP: 3 AB, 1 walk, 1 HBP, 1 SF

The Hidalgo/Stairs platoon sucks right now.. it makes me yearn for a platoon with Brandon Berger.

But.. Matt Stairs has 4 hits and 5 walks in 30 PA. Hidalgo has 2 hits and 2 walks in 15 PA.

The team is 3rd in baseball in drawing walks, with 52 though 11 games. The current walks leaders: Bobby Hill (9 in 39 PA) and Gregg Zaun (8 in 43 PA)

Moneyball baby!
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Royals win

10-7 win today over the Rangers

the starting lineup today

Relaford (2B)
Damaso Espino (3B)
Harvey (1B)
Gonzalez (RF)
Stairs (DH)
Stinnett (C)
Guiel (LF)
Mendy Lopez (SS)
Rich Thompson (CF)

I'd say some big names were missing today

And out of the batters, Mendy Lopez went 4 for 4 with 2 doubles and 2 runs, Rick Short went 2 for 2, Ken Harvey went 3 for 4 with 2 doubles, Matt Stairs hit a home run.

With a showing like that from Mendy Lopez.. don't count him out in the race for a roster spot. (Granted, It'd be a utility spot). Also, I'm not totally out there in thinking that when Mendy injured his leg, he changed his batting stance, allowing for him to hit for more power, am I? Mendy's power numbers did sorta spike after his DL stint. Granted, since this is Mendy Lopez, he's probably not an ideal person to be hitting for power either.

And the pitchers..

2 innings, 2 hits allowed by Affeldt

Chris Geroge - 2 innings, 3 hits allowed, 3 runs allowed, 2 walks, 1 strikeout

Jaime Cerda - 2 innings, 7 hits allowed, 3 runs allowed, 1 strikeout

And perfect innings from Seanez and Field.

Bukvich allowed a run in his inning.

Your winner - Jeremy Affeldt
Your loser - Chan Ho Park

And in the battle for 'lefty bullpen-ness'.. Cerda might still be the favorite, despite his showing today. Swindell had that inning a few days ago. Chris George is a distant third. Venafro and Les Walrond haven't pitched yet.

Tomorrow, it's split squad action..

Greinke is starting in Surprise against the Rockies.
I'm not sure who gets to face the Cubs.

Also.. welcome to Earth, Michael James Sweeney! Yeah, he was born today.
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More Spring Stuff

Rangers win 10-5

Donnie Bridges gave up 3 runs on 0 hits
Voyles wasn't much better
Doug Linton gave up some runs
MacDougal had a good inning

The pitchers on both sides combined to hit 7 batters

Another game with Texas is scheduled for today
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Friday, March 05, 2004

Baseball Fights and other stuff

right here

That includes Sweeney/Weaver, Graeme Lloyd and Izzy Alcantara.

As for the game yesterday.. it was probably a bit disappointing to lose. Bukvich didn't help his cause out though.

Today.. Donnie Bridges takes on Joaquin Benoit.

And.. since I have the space.. here are some changes, or other moves that I would make in Baseball

#1 - Hold the All-Star Game on the weekend. Either Saturday afternoon or Saturday night. Holding it on a Tuesday night doesn't quite seem that great.

#2 - Develop more technology for a better TV viewing experience of games for the fans at home.

#3 - Move the Expos to Washington DC. (Where they would have an interleague rivalry with Baltimore, and a rivalry with Philadelphia).

#4 - Cut down on Interleague Play, to 3 or 4 series. Including the 2 'rivalry' series. And maybe a series based on how the team did last year.

#5 - With the contraction talk, this may not be too feasible. But, adding two franchises would solve some of the problems when it comes to the leagues, and interleague stuff.

#5b - Reduce the roster to 24 players. So, with two new teams, we get 768 players (32 * 24), instead of 750 with 30 teams and 25 guys.

#5c - Portland could get a team. Montreal might support a new team.

#5d - Eliminate the Wild Card, and go to 4 divisions of 4 in each league

#6 - Actually enforce the rules about batters having to get out of the way of pitches.

#7 - The idea of a franchise player, like in the NFL, is tempting.

#8 - Some form of 'flat' revenue sharing. Like a certain percentage from each team would go into the revenue sharing, and it'd be redistributed with the teams who drew the least revenue getting the biggest share. (Yeah, that's a bit socialist)

#9 - Put a foot down on performance-enhancing drugs with dangerous side-effects and performance de-hancing drugs (such as Marijuana and Cocaine). While players will always seek new ways to enhance performance, and that shouldn't be discouraged, the health of the player should be considered. If the player can enhance performance with minimal risk, there's no problem. If the player enhances performance and it puts him at risk of injury, then that's dangerous.

#10 - When Fidel Castro's regime falls, or when Cuban ballplayers can come to the United States freely, there should be some sort of draft to even the playing field during a surge of major league talent. The facts are that right now, Cuba is a great source for talent, especially young talent.

Much like when the Color Line was broken, the younger players came to the Majors and the older players either had short careers in the majors or they never came to the majors.

The Same will be true for when Baseball's Iron Curtain is lifted by the Cubans. The Younger players, who are around 16, 17 or 18, will be in minor league systems. The older players may be on a bench somewhere.

(Yeah, the idea of Cuba opening it's doors excites me. Yes, I am going against the idea that the US is to blame. Cuba banned professional sports. We only have an embargo on them)

#11 - More ambassador work for the game of Baseball. Like to Russia, and to Kenya, and to where-ever else. Heck, bring Baseball to Bolivia. That should be fun, with the elevation and all. :)
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Thursday, March 04, 2004

One more thing

I disagree with Tony Pena about left-handed starters.

Having an all-lefty rotation would be a disaster in Kauffman Stadium. The Stadium has always favored right-handed hitting. And those batters would hit better against our pitching.

My preferred rotation is

Gobble or Asencio

Why Greinke?

Only because he's the best right-handed arm on the team right now.

You put the best five pitchers out there, and Zach Greinke is one of those five.
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First game

and the Rangers won 9-5.

Brian Anderson pitched well
Angel Berroa hit a leadoff homer

Garth Brooks struck out and committed an error.

Mike Sweeney was out of action due to some back pains. Which is just greeat. Yeah. Hopefully he can have a healthy year, instead of one to inspire people to say "Why spend $11M on Sweeney when you have Beltran".
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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Juan bunts

"I talked to Tony and told him, 'If you need me to bunt, I'm ready, man,'" Gonzalez said after his first workout with the Royals. "We practice fundamentals. It is very important. The key of the Kansas City Royals last year was to play great fundamentals, do the little things."

At least he's enthusiastic.

And that would sorta surprise the opposition.
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Well.. that might explain his rise in 2002.

Still, it sorta also ties in with his physical condition (which is said to be good for his age).. and some of his injury proneness.

We'll see what's true and what isn't..

Although Steroids are still overrated when it comes to the enhancement of performance. Like anybody can tell what home runs are helped by roids and what runs aren't.
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Monday, March 01, 2004


I didn't see this before I read the Posnanski comment.

That's definately.. unique
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This week

Affeldt v. Gobble in an intrasquad game
George v. Greinke

both for an inning


Garth plays this week

and Posnanski makes a 'Johnny of Nazareth' comment about Johnny Damon
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