Friday, January 30, 2004

Other thoughts

The Garth invite should be in good fun. (Lets face it, it's Garth doing this for charity, under a manager who is also a fan of fun. Expect something interesting to occur). What it brings is more attention to the team at Surprise. And the media, even if they're covering Garth, would be bound to notice the Royals if they win the Cactus League again in 2004. Hey, it shouldn't cost that much anyways.

I'm also messing around with some spreadsheets on various stats. Like how the strikeout rate is so much higher now than it was a long time ago. (The walk rate has remained sorta constant, but the strikeout rate went from 1 every 10 AB to 1 every 5 AB in the league)
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Yep.. it's confirmed

Garth's going to Spring Training

What's more baffling, how Garth is 1 for 39, or that he had 4 walks in 2000?

How bad of a day can you be having if you issue a walk to Garth Brooks?
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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Triples pace

Here's some more about the record of Chief Wilson:

triple by triple

more on the record

and more
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Records waiting for a holder

after zooming through Retrosheet. I saw that Willie Wilson had five leadoff triples in 1985. He scored as a result of all of those triples. Willie's 21 triples in 1985 was one of the best efforts to try to get remotely close to the unbreakable record of 36 triples set by Chief Wilson

Yes. Unbreakable. The closest anybody came to it after WW2 was Dale Mitchell, with 23. The best effort after Wilson set the mark was just 26 triples.

Other random facts:

Out of the top 41 for hits (228 to 257 hits), 19 of those seasons were between 1920 and 1934.

The single-season hit title went from Hugh Duffy (228, in 1894, where the NL league BA was .309 and teams scored 7 runs a game. The OBP was .373, SLG was .435) to Jesse Burkett (240, with a .290/.347/.387 league that put up 6 runs a game) to Ty Cobb (248, in a .273/.331/.358 league with 4.6 runs a game) to George Sisler (257, .284/.343/.387 and 4.76 runs per game)

Just for perspective, here's the 2003 AL numbers: .267/.329/.428, 4.86 runs per game
and the 2003 NL numbers: .262/.327/.417, 4.61 runs per game

You remember the numbers I put up for the 1894 NL?

that's the same league where Billy Hamilton put up 192 runs.

The leaders in 'relative batting average' via Total Baseball - Second Edition - 1991


"RELATIVE BATTING AVERAGE Pioneered by David Shoebotham in a Baseball Research Journal article in 1976, this was the first traditional stat normalized to league average so as to permit cross-era comparison. Most folks who have employed this measure simply divide individual batting average by league batting average. Shoebotham's original computation was more precise:

player's hits / player's AB
RBA = ---------------------------------------
(league hits - player's hits) / (league AB - player's AB)

In this manner a player's own performance would not be compared with itself. "

first.. we'll disregard Fred Dunlap, since the Union Association wasn't a major league. We can do the same for Ross Barnes. Check p. 533 of the New Historical Baseball Abstract for more info, basically Barnes used something that was wiped out in the 1870s. Heck, let's limit it to the 20th century.

Relative BA:

1. Nap Lajoie - 1910 - 1.537
2. Ty Cobb - 1910 - 1.534
3. Ty Cobb - 1912 - 1.507
4. Tris Speaker - 1916 - 1.506
5. Ty Cobb - 1917 - 1.506
6. Nap Lajoie - 1901 - 1.501
7. Nap Lajoie - 1904 - 1.499
8. Ty Cobb - 1911 - 1.493
9. Ty Cobb - 1909 - 1.493
10. Ted Williams - 1957 - 1.476

Out of the top 100, 12 of the best years came from Ty Cobb

Brett was #30 on the list. With 1.448 (.390 in a .269 league)

But, when it comes to OBP and SLG. Your kids should be reminded that Barry Bonds broke both of those records in 2002. Bonds having the best hitting years ever in 2001 or in 2002 is a pretty safe statement to make.

Bonds, 2002 - 1.429
Pujols, 2003 - 1.375

1936- 1.120
1937- 1.235
1938- 1.156
1939- 1.373

2001- 1.260
2002- 1.212
2003- 1.375
2004- ??

It's all about the red and black. Being above the norm, or below it.

Let me close by saying.. 9%? Geez Wakefield! :D
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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Rather random pitching stats

from the Bill James Handbook:

Highest average fastball:
Kerry Wood - 95.3 MPH
Jason Schmidt - 95 MPH
C.C. Sabathia - 93.6 MPH

Slowest average fastball:
Tim Wakefield - 75.9 MPH
Jamie Moyer - 82.9 MPH
Brian Lawrence - 83.6 MPH
Darrell May - 86.1 MPH
Brian Anderson - 87 MPH

Pitches over 100mph:
Billy Wagner - 159
Bartolo Colon - 12
Kyle Farnsworth - 8

Pitches over 95 mph:
Wood - 1138
Schmidt - 894
Wagner - 766
Colon - 736
MacDougal - 380

Pitches under 80 mph:
Wakefield - 2307
Moyer - 1165
Nomo - 1055
Sparks - 1010
Mark Redman - 907
Appier - 724

Lowest % of fastballs:
Tim Wakefield - 9%
Odalis Perez - 48.3%
Javier Vazquez - 48.7%

Highest % of fastballs:
Kevin Brown - 79.8%
Derek Lowe - 79.6%
Padilla - 79.3%

Highest % of Curveballs:
Matt Morris - 31%
Halladay - 28.5%

Highest % of Changeups:
Jamie Moyer - 32.5%
Tom Glavine - 29.7%
Brian Anderson - 21.1%
Darrell May - 18.3%

Highest % of Sliders:
Matt Clement - 34.7%
Loaiza - 29.8%
Brian Anderson - 12.3%
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You're missing some good articles

Cuba Baseball: At a crisis stage?

Page 1, 2, 3.

4 & 5 are coming up.
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Sox raising the White Flag

via the Tribune (i'm sure any Sox fan will shout that the Tribune owns the Cubs, and then shout about Reinsdorf)

I, for one, welcome being in a division with Carl Pohlad and Jerry Reinsdorf. It makes David Glass seem much more charitible. :)
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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Jose Lima signs with Dodgers


Expect Dodger Stadium to be more generous to Lima. Then again, you'd think the same of Comerica Park.

Either way, he should be unintentionally entertaining.
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Unconfirmed from an ESPN board:

"810 is saying that the Royals are going to announce that he'll (Garth Brooks will) be going to Spring Training with the Royals or something like that."


1- He has friends in low places
2- Garth was afraid of outclassing the other people in the Royals Fantasy Camp
3- More right-handed pitching!

Maybe he'll do a cover of 'Get on the Bus'
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Right on cue

More "Downtown Stadium" talk in the Star.

"Ellerbe Becket architects estimate that for about $350 million, a state-of-the-art ballpark could be built there that would seat 42,000 people. It would offer dramatic city views, and Liberty Memorial would tower behind home plate."

Uh huh.. sure.. $350M. These things have a way of seeing costs increase too.

"As with other urban ballparks around the country, its site would shape its form."

Um.. this isn't 1910 dude. Other than the Bay and Pac Bell, I don't see too many urban parks like this.

"Among the major pluses of locating a ballpark there: It would require little or no new parking, thanks to existing nearby parking garages;"

Parking Garages? I'd have to check the area, but that would include downtown (a mile away from the site given), or like in the Crown Center or what?

"it would provide huge spinoff benefits to Crown Center, Union Station and the Freight House District;"

Which should satisfy the people who really really want Union Station to be useful.

"it would be on the planned bus rapid transit line;"

Note: any sort of public transit planned in Kansas City will probably stay that way. The town has a way of crushing any sort of significant public transportation or light rail.

"and it would be in a comfortable quadrant of downtown."

I've usually thought of Downtown as being more of 'the stuff between all the interstates and some stuff to the South.

Distances from the site (via line technology on Streets and Maps)

to Kansas: 1.37mi
to City Hall: 1.09mi
to the site of Municipal Stadium: 1.37mi
to the Negro Leagues Museum: 1.13mi
to Kauffman Stadium: 5.94mi
to Westport: 2.25mi

"It doesn't take much to imagine how attending a ball game at the site envisioned by Ellerbe Becket would be a dramatically different experience from going to Kauffman Stadium. Rather than arriving in your car, walking across parking lots, going to the game and then leaving, you could have a far more entertaining experience."

Oh yeah, all I wanted was an entertaining experience going to a game.

"Walk from your office, park the car in a nearby garage or take the rapid transit line, and then have drinks and dinner at Crown Center, Union Station or the nearby Crossroads District. Afterward, you could hop on the rapid transit line or walk to the new entertainment district being planned for the South Loop area eight blocks away."

In other words, "Baseball's only a timekiller, go out and have fun at the other stuff before and after the game, as long as your car doesn't get vandalized or anything".

"Of course, a $350 million ballpark is more expensive than the $177 million being proposed to renovate Kauffman Stadium to keep the Royals here. But Ellerbe Becket's people think the spinoff benefits would make the additional cost well worth it."

Yeah.. to hell with history. I want to go to the park and then go to the South Loop. It's pretty much an implusive idea that depends mainly on the people of this state wanting to foot the bill for this stadium. Trust me, if there were people wanting to just pay that 400 million or so for a Royals stadium, wouldn't we have noticed them trying to get the team when it was for sale for much less?

Why not just put an arena in that area? Move Kemper out of "the middle of nowhere". And maybe we can keep the Big 12 title game and help the city by maybe winning back more NCAA tournament games. And base the arena off Phillps Arena in Atlanta or do something unique.
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Monday, January 26, 2004

I found something else I should try to get

This time let's not eat the bones review

an 80 page KC baseball essay. Sounds like great fun.

"James responds to a comment in The Sporting News by Bill Conlin, who wrote that the Cardinals were done in not by the Royals but by Denkinger:

No, Mr. Conlin, I'm afraid not. The truth is that the Kansas City Royals kicked the holy crap out of the overmatched National League representatives. By a run of extremely good fortune in the close games, the Cardinals were able to keep the result in doubt for six games and three innings; they should be quite grateful for this."

Amazon link

And the Cardinals new stadium appears to be quite good looking.

pics here

my favorite of all those is here

It should be a nice change for the Cardinals to have a good looking park.

And, while i'm sure any stadium over in St. Louis will energize the "Lets move downtown" people. I still don't see how a downtown stadium would really work. You'd get worse traffic jams than you have now getting out of the stadium. The parking wouldn't be quite as good and you'd be sacificing alot of history. Kauffman Stadium could use some stuff around it, but the view isn't too bad. When it comes to attendance, remember that there's 17,826 seats in the upper deck, 2,545 in Club Box and 20,414 in the lower deck. Like during the Arizona game in September with 20,385 people. Most of them were in the lower deck, a few were in the upperdeck, a guy in a chicken suit was in right field.

Kauffman Stadium can live on for another 30 years. It lived though astroturf, didn't it?
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Your newest Royal: Jaime Cerda


"Mets deal Cerda to Kansas City
Move creates roster space to sign Todd Zeile
By Kevin T. Czerwinski / MLB.com

NEW YORK -- The Mets alleviated some of the overcrowding in their bullpen on Monday, dealing southpaw Jaime Cerda to Kansas City in exchange for right-hander Shawn Sedlacek.
The move also frees up a spot on New York's 40-man roster for Todd Zeile, who is expected to sign this week, possibly as soon as Tuesday, after passing a team physical on Friday. Sedlacek will be a non-roster invitee and join the pitchers and catchers when they report for Spring Training on Feb. 20.

Sedlacek, 27, was 4-11 with a 6.75 ERA in 27 games for Triple-A Omaha of the Pacific Coast League in 2003. He also made five starts for Double-A Wichita of the Texas League, going 1-2 with a 5.60 ERA. He should compete for a spot as New York's fifth starter or possibly the long reliever.

Named Kansas City's Minor League Pitcher of the Year in 2000 by Baseball America, Sedlacek spent part of the 2002 season in the Major Leagues, going 3-5 with a 6.72 ERA in 16 games (14 starts).

Dan Wheeler, Jason Anderson and Pedro Feliciano remain the prime candidates for the final spot, possibly two, in the New York pen.

Cerda, meanwhile, will get more of an opportunity with Kansas City. He went 1-1 with a 5.85 ERA in 27 games for the Mets last season, spending much of the year shuttling between Triple-A Norfolk and the parent club. He was 3-0 with a 1.67 ERA in 22 contests with Norfolk but put off some people in the organization when he chose not to play winter ball this year.

Overall, his 2003 season could be categorized as a disappointment after a strong rookie year. Cerda posted a 2.45 in 35 games in 2002, showing a surprising amount of poise. He got off to a slow start last year, however, and never recovered. "

That should get the Believers over that 'no lefties around in the pen' thing, although Cerda didn't look too good this year. Cerda won't have the 76 year old John Franco to hold him back now.

This is trade #16 between the Royals and Mets.
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Let me note that the link for this blog on BaseballPrimer.com is a bit off. I swear, it's "U L", not "U.L.", sorta like how it was Harry S Truman and not Harry S. Truman.

I wish the teams would do something. It's a Monday. Sign some more NRIs or something!

But.. the Royals did sign another minor league FA.

Doug Linton!

who is fresh off a winter with Los Aguilas, who just happen to be the team that Tony Pena saw frequently in the DWL.

2003 stats
with AAA-Syracuse: 32 games, 13 starts, 2-10 record, 5.39 ERA, 109 innings, 64 earned runs, 13 home runs, 19 walks, 79 strikeouts
with Toronto: 7 games, 3.00 ERA, 9 innings, 3 earned runs, 4 walks, 7 strikeouts
with Aguilas: 4 games, 6.19 ERA, 16 innings, 11 earned runs, 2 walks, 16 strikeouts

Linton has the 'strikeout alot of guys for every walk' thing down, but he has problems with hits and all that.

Linton was a Royal from 1995 to 1996.
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Toothpick, the book?

Lately, I've thought of that possibility. Although it'd be difficult to get it all though, I'd like to do a book of just baseball stuff. The title i've considered is "U L Washington's Toothpick: The anatomy of baseball". Which would go like 'The Head', 'The Arms' and have stuff relating to that. Like HBP for the head, or pitching stuff for the arms (or hands), or stolen bases (for the legs). The one thing I've thought of taking on is the "Headhunters having to bat" idea. Which, from all i've seen, is just total hogwash. Another myth is 'expansion pitching causes offensive jumps'. (Although there was a jump in 1969 because the league felt it necessary to not have years where the league hit .230 or .243)

and I can take time out to beat up on 'The Greatest Sports Arguments of All Time'. Or just the assertions like "Mays had a longer career, hit 660 home runs. But Mays never hit .381. And Joe D had alot of intangibles, his teams were 9-1 in the world series."

That .381 year was in a year where the league hit .279. (DiMaggio earned 34 win shares for that year). And, the best league averages for Mays years were .266 in 1953 (which Mays missed) and .265 in 1954 (Mays won the batting title that year)
Mays had 11 seasons at or above the level of DiMaggio's .381 year.
DiMaggio's top year was 1941, with 41 WS.
Mays tied or topped that in 2 years. 1962 and 1965.

One more thing to take on..


"Prior to 1911, the baseball was a lifeless version of its modern counterpart. During this "deadball" era, long base hits were rare, and "hitting it where they ain't" was the strategy of the day. In 1911, the use of a corkcentered, springier, "lively ball" made the home run king, and paved the way for Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, and generations of fence-busters."

Between 1910 and 1911, the NL OPS jumped 66 points, AL OPS jumped 75 points. League home runs went up 102 in the NL, 51 in the AL.

the 1911-1919 ball did prevent the days of .239 league averages. But, it's far from the same as the 1920s ball.

There's not quite a sense of 'context'. Although the top seasons of the 20th century BA-wise, compared to the rest of their league, were the seasons of Cobb and Lajoie in 1910. Although Babe Ruth in 1920 or 1921 or 1923 would have the glory of greatest power year.

I'm sure somebody's figured out the answer to this question, but what made baseball adopt the batting average over the onbase percentage? Batting averages are indefinate because when you come to bat, you're only gonna be charged with an at-bat if you get a hit or an out. Plate appearances are for any time.

One more thought, look at Albert Pujols' first three years. For a player his age (21, 22, 23), those are 3 of the best years ever. Look at the NL league numbers for 2001 through 2003. I also believe that Pujols has major grounds to win his arbitration case. Unless having some of the best numbers in the league at 23 isn't convincing enough.

As for Royals stuff.. not all that much going on, still.
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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Stolen Base tidbits

Carlos Beltran - 88% success (150 for 170)
Willie Wilson - 84% success (612 for 731)
Amos Otis - 79% success (340 for 429)
Freddie Patek - 76% success (336 for 444)
George Brett - 67% success (201 for 298)

and the most successful years

Beltran - 31 for 32 in 2001
Wilson - 47 for 52 in 1984
Otis - 33 for 35 in 1970
Patek - 33 for 40 in 1972

Power/Speed Number leaders
Career - Amos Otis (246.2)
Season - Beltran (31.8, 2003)
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May signed

and the deal wasn't too bad.

A Royals article is on the front page of mlb.com.
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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Rick Reed


"While exploring the possibility of a deal with May, the Royals would also ideally like to enhance their pitching depth before Spring Training commences. The Royals have expressed interest in veteran right-hander Rick Reed, who worked 135 innings for Minnesota last year before becoming a free agent. Kansas City would not offer Reed a guaranteed contract, but would like to have him in camp as a non-roster invitee."

Reed usually has a damned good BB:K ratio
Actually, Reed doesn't walk too many guys in general, but he loooves the flyball.
Reed can reflect on the days of astroturf in KC ("You know Jimmy, let me tell you about Hal McRae")

Reed may get lonely by himself while the rest of the team has their union meetings.
High ERA (due to HRs?)
Reed is old too

While the team needs right-handed pitching, this seems like a "Royals 1992" reunion.
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If Damian Moss is the answer

What's the question?

I'm not sure a pitcher coming off a year where he was worse than Chris George in a rotation that's lefty-heavy was really what Allard Baird was going for. I guess he's reliable (granted, he walks more guys than he strikes out)

Damian Moss? Nope..
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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Depth chart, new pics

Depth Chart

Notice a lack of depth when it comes to right-handed starters? Greinke is #3 at least out of the 4 starting righties. Appier won't be healthy on opening day. Greinke might be better than both Asencio and Snyder right now as well.

(Hey, any right-handed starters that we could get for Gomez or Brown?)

Right-handed pitchers who played in Japan who are out of work, or coming to America

Matt Skrmetta
Nerio Rodriguez
Brian Mallette
Chris Seelbach
Chris Holt

Or right-handed pitching who spent 2003 in Italy

Kasey Olenberger (Texas A&M grad)

Or just Italian pitching.. (I don't know much about these guys)

Ciprino Ventura

There's not too much right-handed pitching out there.
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Just some fun facts and facts from putting in Bo Jackson's Royals stats on a spreadsheet. Like on a home/away splits.

Doubles at home, 1990: 15
Doubles on the road, 1990: 1

Home numbers, 1986-1990: .281/.338/.508
Road numbers, 86-90: .221/.278/.443

Homers at home: 48
Homers on the road: 61

Notable injuries:

May 31st, 1988: Hurt on a single. Missed 28 games.
July 22nd, 1989: Hurt on a single in the 9th inning. Pinch-ran for by Saberhagen. Missed 15 games.
July 17th, 1990: Hit three home runs, hurt on a Deion Sanders hit to center. Missed 38 games.

While Jackson was coming up hurt, the regular DHs in those years were Bill Buckner (1988), Tartabull (1989, while also having the most games at RF) and Gerald Perry (1990). Who knows, maybe if Jackson got more than 36 games at DH, he may have avoided injury for a little longer. Well, he would have kept going if not for the Raiders.

Hell of an athlete though.

One more thought: Juan Gonzalez won't reach Steve Balboni's record. Just a feeling. Although I am willing to do a 'Igor/Bye Bye' pace comparison if need be.

Balboni's monthly totals, 1985
April - 5
May - 3
June - 5
July - 8
August - 6
September - 8 (in an otherwise .188/.300/.465 month)
October - 1

17 home runs at Kauffman
19 on the road (tied for the AL lead for road homers, 1985)

21 solo homers
2 grand slams
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Go figure

I got the new Baseball America magazine today, with most of the stuff I just mentioned to all of you.

Except some small college stars.

Among the catchers:

Tommy Bryant - (Central Missouri State, Junior. Olathe East grad)
Mike Rucci (Rowan, Junior)
Cesar Yepez (Warner Southern, Senior)
Tyler Best (Lewis & Clark State)
Joey Huskins (Cypress CC, drafted by the Indians in the 19th round of the 2003 draft)

Signings reported in BA:

Three right-handed pitchers: David Tavarez (22, played 2002 in the Mariners system, and spent this winter with Aguilas in the Dominican Winter League)

Kris Wilson (we know him)

Nelson Lara (25, 9 years in the minors, with the Marlins, Reds, Red Sox and Giants, reached the Eastern League in 2000. Pitched for the Trois-Riveres Saints in 2003)

And an outfielder: Adrian Brown (30 next month, played in AAA for the Red Sox, 12 ML at-bats in 2003)

Some teams went the route of releasing players. Well, alot of teams and alot of players.
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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Eastern Catchers

As the final part of my massive 'mention every catcher who doesn't suck in college' series.. we go to the East. As covered by BaseballAmerica, the leading source in this sort of thing.

Aaron Izaryk (Maine - Jr)

Brian Oakes (LaSalle - Senior)

Joe Michalski (George Washington - Junior)

Wyatt Toregas (Virginia Tech - Junior)

Mike Leonard (UConn - Senior)

Tim Lahey (Princeton - Senior. Page with 2003 stats. Note: his secondary average was .422 in 2003.)

Tim D'Aquila (Central Connecticut - Senior)

Schuyler Williamson (Army - Junior. Good luck drafting a Junior out of Army!)

The article on Ross Ohlendorf seems interesting. I don't think he'll go too high being a Princeton pitcher and a Junior. But, he's the only guy who raises cattle and goes to Princeton. (Right now).

I think that a catcher might be a priority with one of the high picks this year. There's not really too much progress from the situation the Royals were in when they picked Maier. Maier might be moving to the left on the spectrum to third base. Paul Phillps is back for the first time since 2000. With the extra picks, we'll probably get a catcher. I'm not totally sure who the best catcher is that we can pick right now.

Any comments, ideas, whatever? (and no.. I don't think a high school catcher is a practical pick)
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Another stat concept i'm toying with

OBP minus BA plus SLG minus BA

SLG minus BA = isolated power, but this is a bit of a combo


It appears to put up higher numbers for guys with high Isolated Power. The ones who have a difference between their OBP and BA.

I tested the stat on the Albuquerque Isotopes, and the leader is Rob Stratton. Stratton also put up a high secondary average and a high isolated power.

I have no official name for it. I nicknamed it IORG. But, that stands for nothing really. Suggestions are welcome.
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The most valuable minor leaguers on other AL Central farms

Buffalo (CLE)- Greg LaRocca (75 RC), Alex Escobar (59 RC)
Charlotte (CWS)- Aaron Miles (82 RC), Tim Hummel (74 RC, traded away)
Rochester (MIN)- Michael Restovich (72 RC), Luis Rodriguez (66 RC)
Toledo (DET)- Cody Ross (78 RC), Ernie Young (69 RC)

Akron (CLE)- Grady Sizemore (88 RC), Luis Gonzalez (70 RC)
Birmingham (CWS)- Gabe Alvarez (75 RC), Danny Sandoval (64 RC)
Erie (DET)- Billy Munoz (64 RC), Scott Tousa (63 RC)
New Britain (MIN)- Jason Bartlett (91 RC), Terry Tiffee (83 RC)
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Beltran deal

9 million/1 year
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Detroit Tigers acquire more hitting talent

Well, they did get Esteban Yan.

"Professionally, I never had a chance to hit a home run. I can hit" - Esteban Yan

Esteban Yan might be at the point where he could have more value as a batter than he has as a pitcher. Although being a 6'4"/255lb guy restricts him to first, where the Tigers have alot of big slow guys playing.
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810 reports

that Carlos Beltran and the Royals have signed a one-year deal. Somebody must have sedated Scott Boras.
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Advanced T-Bones info

I was a bit bored, so I put the T-Bones on the spreadsheet. And here are some of the tidbits of knowledge.

Runs Created

-- Northern League MVP Eddie Pearson - 73 (overall)
1. Rick Priesto - 67
2. Eddie Pearson - 64 (with the T-Bones)
3. Taber Maier - 55
4. Jack Jones - 42

Hits into scoring position
1. Rick Priesto - 26
2. Taber Maier - 23
-- Eddie Pearson - 20 (overall)
3. Eddie Pearson - 17 (w/ KC)
4T- Ray Brown - 14
4T- Eddie Shindle - 14

And here's some stats on Travis Chapman for 2003

70 runs created, .243 Seconary average, well.. not too much else to mention. Except that he's expected back in mid-2004. And, I'd bet that Chapman is a better bet than Jarrod Patterson.
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In the Star this morning

Pete Rose Jr wants to return to the majors.

Jose Contreras wants to get his family out of Cuba.

Not much Royals related though. But, the Royals are about to sign third baseman Travis Chapman. Who was a third baseman in the Phillies organization, .272 with 36 doubles and 12 HRs in AAA. And coming off surgery.
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More College catchers (and other stuff)

from.. where else.. BaseballAmerica

Mike Nickleas (George Tech - Jr)

Jeff Parrish (Virginia Commonwealth U - Jr)

Eddie Wilson (Coppin State - Sr)

Britt Clubb (Tennessee Tech - Jr, Born in Bonner Springs, KS)

Derek Norman (Furman - Sr)

Matt Stocco (Elon - Jr)

Denver Edick (West Carolina - Sr)

While it's not too good that I got alot of guys out of the Southern Conference and one guy out of the ACC. Then, from quick checking, it appears most catchers in the ACC blow. But, this guy is the inspirational leader of his team, it appears he has 3 at-bats over 2 seasons as well, which downgrades his value a bit.

Britt Clubb.. now that's a baseball name. Plus, he's from the area too.

Coming tomorrow.. the North Preview. Which will bring us the Big East, the Ivy League and probably the Patriot League, Navy, or the Atlantic 10. And for you college fans, it's still called the Big 12, even if Colorado and Iowa State don't have teams. (Due to budget stuff, or Title IX or whatever else)

There is a club team at Colorado State. (and a frisbee team). Also, there's the Colorado School of Mines. And St. Olaf.
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A search of BPro for "Scott Boras" produced this gem of a page.

Unfortunately, the formatting is god-awful. So I made a table for the first part of it.

Royal-related stuff on the page

1974- Cookie Rojas loses his case, takes 60K
1982- Willie Aikens wins, takes 375K. Quirk and Quisenberry lose.
1986- Balboni wins, Leibrandt wins, Saberhagen wins
1987- Leibrandt wins
1988- Gubicza wins
1990- Bo Jackson loses, takes 1M
1994- Tom Gordon wins, Brian McRae wins
1997- Tom Goodwin loses
1999- Johnny Damon loses
2001- Gregg Zaun wins
2002- Neifi Perez loses, requested 5M, got 4.1M
2003- Beltran loses

total W/L record: 8 wins for the team, 9 wins for the players
- # posted by Robert : 12:46 AM

Monday, January 19, 2004

Number changes


Mike Tonis settles on #3 (last worn by Carlos Febles)
Matt Stairs will use #11 (last worn by Tom Prince, worn for over 20 years by Hal McRae)
Tony Graffanino will be #14 (last worn by Rondell White, worn by Storm Davis and Mark Quinn)
Kelly Stinnett picks #18 (last worn by Raul Ibanez, also worn by Johnny Damon and Bret Saberhagen)
Juan Gonzalez goes for #22 (last worn by Juan Brito, also worn by Pentland and Dennis Leonard)
Rich Thompson appears to be #24 (last worn by Michael Tucker, also worn by Whitey Herzog and Willie Aikens)
Benito Santiago picks #30 (last worn by Brandon Berger, also worn by U L Washington)
Byron Gettis picks the cursed #31 (last worn by Paul Abbott, also worn by Albie Lopez, Darrell May in 2002, Joe Vitiello and David Howard)
Jorge Vazquez picks #50 (last worn by Jason "Dauber" Gilfillan, also worn by Jose Rosado)
Brian Bass picks #58 (last worn by Cory Bailey, not really worn by anybody famous other than Hipolito)

if Greinke comes to the majors, I don't know if he'll wear his unusually high jersey number (#66). if he wears anything over #61, he'll have the highest jersey number in Royals history. #61 belonged to Bob Hegman, who played an inning on defense at second base, and never played again.

[One reader notes that Andy Stewart holds that record. As he wore #63 in 1997. So, the new highest number holder is a catcher with 8 AB]

Greinke's also been listed as wearing the very low #7. I don't think any Royals pitchers have worn just single digits (as a Royal). and Single-Digits for a pitcher aren't regarded as very lucky.

These numbers can change before opening day though.
- # posted by Robert : 2:02 PM
No set lineup.. yet

The Star confirmed that notion.

And put out a possible lineup that I'm not too sure about.

Maybe it's batting Berroa leadoff (which I don't agree with at all). Maybe it's batting Santiago fifth. In 2003, Santiago hit .205 as the #5 batter.

Lineups in the AL are a battle of people getting on base, and people sending them home.

1- get on base
2- get on base
3- drive runners in
4- drive runners in
5- drive whoever is left in
6- get on base
7- get on base
8- drive runners in
9- get on base

The Star lineup was Berroa, Beltran, Sweeney, Gonzalez, Santiago, Randa, Guiel, Harvey, Relaford

Let me put up my newest counter-lineup

1- Guiel
2- Beltran
3- Sweeney
4- Gonzalez
5- Berroa
6- Randa
7- Santiago
8- Harvey
9- Relaford

(that's just the lineup in general, I'd make some moves in certain situations)

"“I remember when I used to catch, I saw a few balls leave the bat of Juan Gonzalez that went well over 450 feet,” Sweeney said."

Well.. watch out video screen. Here comes Juan. Haha. Would it cheapen anything if the Royals hung a sign noting the distance from home plate to that video screen?

What are some of the hardest things to hit in Kauffman Stadium? I don't think anybody has come close to the scoreboard in centerfield. There's been some long shots to right. I don't think there's been any shots that cleared the former-GA seats on either side.
- # posted by Robert : 12:05 PM
Wranglers article

Wranglers GM aims to increase attendance

"He plans to boost attendance by focusing on fans, he said, "making sure the fans are taken care of first and foremost at the ballpark every day, putting a premium on entertainment, making sure there's constantly things to watch, things to see, things to hear. Music, entertainment, anything and everything that can be done. Baseball's just the tip of the iceberg of what we can do here.""

Veeckian plans..

can part of his GM plan involve ditching the carpet in the infield?
- # posted by Robert : 12:03 AM

Sunday, January 18, 2004

And we go down south

More catchers from the BA college preview

Chris Westervelt - (Stetson)
Robert Orton - (Florida Atlantic)
Rob Johnson - (Houston)
Devin Ivany - (South Florida)
Brad Willcutt (Southern Mississippi)
Landon Powell - (South Carolina)
Nick Stavinoha - (LSU)
Tim Land - (South Alabama)
Troy Harp - (MTSU)

and some on Billy Becher

"The league's reigning triple crown winner returns for his senior season, as New Mexico State's Billy Becher elected not to sign after being drafted in the 18th round. The 6-foot-5, 240-pound Becher led the nation in 2003 in home runs, RBIs and total bases (225). Becher will try to lead New Mexico State, which never had made a regional trip prior to 2002, to its third consecutive berth."
- # posted by Robert : 11:23 PM
Juan Gonzalez/A new move

On Fox 41, they had an interview with Baird. Talking about Juan Gonzalez mainly. (For whatever reason, the Juan Gonzalez clips were limited to his year as a Detroit Tiger. I did not know he hit an inside the park home run in that year).

And the Royals have made another move. The Royals acquired Eddy De Los Santos from the Joliet Jackhammers.

The total stats for Eddy in the Northern League:

76 games, 269 at-bats, 17 runs, 72 hits, 87 total bases, 8 doubles, 2 triples, 1 home run, 24 rbi, 6 bunts, 2 sac flies, 4 HBPs, 14 walks, 1 IBB, 31 strikeouts, 7 for 13 on steal attempts, grounded into 8 double plays. .268/.311/.323

I don't really know why the Royals made this move. De Los Santos seems a 'no-hit/good-field' minor leaguer. Eddy would have been better off career-wise if he didn't age three years in the passport frenzy.
- # posted by Robert : 10:50 PM

There's a 2004 Player Register out. And it's a bit of a disappointment. Since they couldn't go out and get all the stats. Like Lima in Newark, Rickey in Newark, Pulido from 2000 to 2002. Seguinol in 2002. (He played in Japan guys!). I also notice that they left out Mexico stats for Felix Jose. Or that he was signed by Expos for a month until he bailed on them.

They did add stuff like when guys were optioned to the minors (in 2003), and WHIP. STATS does seem to be a little bit lazy. I mean, I could probably find everything in their book except Jack McKeon's career playing stats in the Bill James Handbook.

It's still disappointing. But, it is wider than ever.

Oh yeah, I spotted 'Basketball Prospectus' and 'Pro Football Prospectus' at the Barnes and Noble I went to. Those could be useful if you are a fan of those sports, or into numbers.

And I am considering trying to write some sort of book. At least on Baseball in general. I don't know if I could do it in time to do the first 2003 Royals book. But, that'd be a good subject.
- # posted by Robert : 8:57 PM

from the latest Flanagan column

Charlie Seraphin on Juan Gonzalez: “We all know Juan is a potential Hall of Famer. But we have some other potential Hall of Famers, too, such as Mike Sweeney and Carlos Beltran and even Benito Santiago.”

Beltran - maybe
Santiago - maybe
Sweeney - probably not
Juan - likely to make it

[“He's going to seem shy to people here,” Seraphin said. “He doesn't like the spotlight and some people can interpret that the wrong way. But he's shy away from the ballpark, too.

“He does a lot of charity work and a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff. Underneath that shyness there's really a big heart. I remember in Texas we had a youth ballpark right next to the stadium and there were a lot of times in the afternoon when Juan would just go sit on the outfield grass of that youth ballpark and watch the kids play.

“He'd always be joking around with the kids and loved it when they monkey-piled him.”]

Yeah.. that sounds like the 'clubhouse cancer' that the skeptics are talking about. Some people are just quiet.

[Seraphin believes Gonzalez will be welcomed in Kansas City, not just by baseball lovers, either.

“I can tell you from experience that women around here are going to find him incredibly handsome,” Seraphin said. “I've seen women, and I'm not trying to be sexist here, but I've seen them get up close to him for the first time and just drop their jaws. He's that good looking.”]

That should fill those seats in right field.

["We hear Lima Time may be staying in the Central Division. Word has it that former Royal Jose Lima could wind up with the Indians. The Mets also might be interested."]

The Mets? Hey.. I guess I can claim more credibility now. But, if he played for Cleveland, he'd get to play here more often. Jacobs Field also punishes left-handed hitters. Which should be good for Lima.
- # posted by Robert : 4:12 PM
Charles Alley and Kirk Pierce

Here are some of their expanded stats

BA: Alley - .343, Pierce - .305
OBP: Alley - .484, Pierce - .389
SLG: Alley - .481, Pierce - .556
Secondary Average: Alley - .399, Pierce - .373
Runs Created: Alley - 56, Pierce - 61
Alley - 3.21 walks for every strikeout, Pierce - 1.64 strikeouts for every walk
Isolated Power: Alley - .138, Pierce - .251
BIP: Alley - .350, Pierce - .318
BA above league average (1): Alley - 1.072, Pierce - 1.034
OPS above league average (2): Alley - 1.233, Pierce - 1.213
BA above league average for position (3): Alley - 1.095, Pierce - 1.058
OPS above league average for position (4): Alley - 1.263, Pierce - 1.244
Outs: Alley - 308, Pierce - 338
Base Hits (5): Alley - 75, Pierce - 75
Hits into scoring position (6): Alley - 17, Pierce - 28

1 - Batting Average minus League Batting Average plus 1 (BA-LgBA (.271)+1)
2 - OPS minus League OPS plus 1 (OPS-LgOPS (.732)+1)
3 - Batting Average minus League Batting Average plus 1 (BA-LgPoBA (.248)+1)
4 - OPS minus League OPS plus 1 (OPS-LgPoOPS (.701)+1)
5 - Hits minus Home Runs (H-HR)
6 - Doubles and Triples (2B+3B)

I think Alley is 27 or 28. I think Pierce was born around 1971 or 1973. Kirk Pierce might be as old as Mike Sweeney. I'll have to check on that, if nobody else knows. I'd say Alley has a good shot at AA or AAA in 2004.
- # posted by Robert : 3:00 PM

Friday, January 16, 2004

Schedules change slightly

Now games start at 10 after.


And we get two FOX games of the week (v. the Mets and the Twins), and two night games on Sunday night (which are probably not like ESPN games, but games to make sure the players won't melt)
- # posted by Robert : 11:40 PM
Various Royal signings in the Dominican
Some of the newest Royals:
Riquelmi Sanchez
Wander Ortiz
Alwin Perez (Osorio)
Rayner Oliveros (Blanco)
Yensi Lopez (Herasme)
Eusebio Vasquez (Bonilla)

this might help Salcedo Coast out alot. But, I have no info on any of these guys. If you have any, feel free to contribute. I'm sure the 2004 Media Guide has some info on guys like Wander.

and MLB changed some rules: Including a year suspension for "any player fabricating his name, age or nationality on documents such as U.S. entrance visas."

Continuing something I did on Royalboard.. I'll go though random released minor leaguers

#1- Robert Michael Potoczny (GCL Dodgers), TR/BR, 6'1/190, P
2003 stats:
16 games, 51 2/3 innings, 45 hits, 25 runs (16 earned), 1 HR, 26 walks, 29 strikeouts, 2.79 ERA

I'd say this isn't too stunning. He had a decent ERA, but he just didn't do much with walks and strikeouts. I bet he wished he went to college.

#2- RhettRivard (Rangers), TR/BL, 6'2/198, P

Can't say i'm stunned by this.

I'm sure the releases will flow in about 29 days (when pitchers and catchers report!)

And the White Sox signed Robert Person to a deal with 750K if he makes the team and 2.5M (in an option) for 2005

The guys in line for the biggest arbitration rewards this year are Pujols, Gagne, Beltran, Halladay and Kerry Wood
- # posted by Robert : 1:24 AM

Thursday, January 15, 2004

More BA stuff

Turns out that Friday means by 10pm CST to Baseball America


The catchers mentioned in the Central article:
Derek Kinnear (Ohio State)
Matt Harter (Penn State)
Jason Jaramillo (Oklahoma State)
Adam Cox (Youngstown State)
Ben Crabtree (Ohio)
John Slone (Miami-Ohio, eligible in 2005)
Jake Gloude (Western Illinois, transfered from a JC)
Dan Puente (Bradley)

and a BA fact on the Big 12: "Oklahoma State freshman 1B Thomas Incaviglia is the nephew of all-time NCAA home run king Pete Incaviglia, who hit a record 48 home runs for the Cowboys in 1985 and 100 in his career"
- # posted by Robert : 9:51 PM

From Baseball America, the best catchers in a few conferences

Catchers already mentioned on their reports:
Kurt Suzuki (CSF - Big West)
Casey Cloward (BYU - Mt. West)
Jordan Swaydan (San Diego State - Mt. West, eligible in 2005)
Aaron Hathaway (Washington - Pac 10)
Donny Lucy (Stanford - Pac 10)
Jeff Clement (USC - Pac 10, eligible in 2005)
Brett Hayes (Nevada - WAC, eligible in 2005)
Jonathan Higashi (Loyola Marymount - WCC)

Just going though some catchers, since our latest catcher (Maier) is on his way to third base (according to some sources)

More coming soon from BA
- # posted by Robert : 8:23 PM
Yankees sign Fasano

Source: Mike Sweeney Sr. on the Royals MLB.com board

I don't think Fasano is going to do much in New York, maybe in Columbus.

- # posted by Robert : 2:16 PM
Cardinals close to signing Rusch

I guess the rivalry's intensified now.

But, this is the same guy (Jocketty) who signed David Howard and Mark Quinn. I guess getting leftovers from KC is good for "the best fans in Baseball" and their team. Hopefully they field a good team when they get their new stadium.

The only good thing about Busch Stadium is that you can get a good photo of it from the Gateway Arch.

I wonder if St. Louis has any catchers they could offer us in exchange for Dee Brown or Gomez. I know they've been collecting outfielders. So this might help them out.
- # posted by Robert : 1:04 AM

Wednesday, January 14, 2004


Article on Aviles

One on Gotay

both are in Spanish, so somebody could translate anything interesting and post it in the comments.
- # posted by Robert : 10:40 PM
Royal moves

Andres De La Cruz - Transferred from Wichita Wranglers to Wilmington Blue Rocks
Nelson Taveras - Transferred from Wichita Wranglers to Burlington Bees
Alexis Encarnacion - Transferred from Wichita Wranglers to Burlington Bees
Angel Sanchez - Transferred from Wichita Wranglers to Burlington Bees
Trae McGill - Transferred from Wichita Wranglers to Wilmington Blue Rocks
Brian Melnyk - Transferred from Wichita Wranglers to Burlington Bees
Darwinson Salazar - Transferred from Wichita Wranglers to Idaho Falls Padres

Barry Armitage - Transferred from Omaha Royals to Wilmington Blue Rocks
Eduardo Villacis - Transferred from Omaha Royals to Wichita Wranglers
John Draper - Transferred from Omaha Royals to Wilmington Blue Rocks
Jonathan Metzger - Transferred from Omaha Royals to Burlington Bees
Jason Kaanoi - Transferred from Omaha Royals to Wilmington Blue Rocks
Zachary McClellan - Transferred from Omaha Royals to Wichita Wranglers
Brad Stiles - Transferred from Omaha Royals to Wichita Wranglers
Damaso Espino - Transferred from Omaha Royals to Wilmington Blue Rocks
Christopher Fallon - Transferred from Omaha Royals to Wichita Wranglers
Luis Gonzalez (Palacios) - Transferred from Omaha Royals to Burlington Bees
Norris Hopper - Transferred from Omaha Royals to Wichita Wranglers
Scott Walter - Transferred from Omaha Royals to Wichita Wranglers
George Wilkerson - Transferred from Omaha Royals to Wichita Wranglers
Myreon Stocker - Transferred from Omaha Royals to Wilmington Blue Rocks
Chad Santos - Transferred from Omaha Royals to Wichita Wranglers
Paul Phillips - Transferred from Omaha Royals to Wichita Wranglers
James Shanks - Transferred from Omaha Royals to Wichita Wranglers
Michael Stodolka - Transferred from Omaha Royals to Wilmington Blue Rocks
Kyle Middleton - Transferred from Omaha Royals to Wichita Wranglers
Ignacio Tamayo - Transferred from Omaha Royals to Wichita Wranglers
William Keppinger - Transferred from Omaha Royals to Wilmington Blue Rocks

The Minor League rosters right now (not counting the guys on the 40 man roster)

C: none
IF: Dawkins, Guerrero, Pickering and Short
OF: Brandon Berger
P: Baerlocher, Bridges, Camp, Hiljus, Nacar, Pereyra, Reyes, Sedlacek, Serrano, Venafro and Walrond

C: Alley, Pierce, Ullery, Walter, Arnerich
IF: Figuereo, Fenster, Gemoll, Corey Hart, Chris Fallon, Chad Santos
OF: Cowan, Cunningham, Hopper, Shanks
P: Ferguson, Greinke, Morrison, Natale, Shiery, Wrightsman, Villacis, Zach McClellan, Stiles, Wilkerson, Middleton and Tamayo

C: Alleva
IF: Murphy, Gotay, Espino, Groves, Keim, Andres Blanco
OF: Stocker, Costa, Draper,
P: Griffin, Hoelscher, Robert McClellan, Armitage, Kaanoi, Stodolka, Keppinger, De La Cruz, McGill

C: Tupman, Luis Gonzalez
IF: Erik Dean, Jensen, Kaaihue, Lonnquist, Sanchez
OF: Frend, Graham, Lytle, Moye, Stephens
P: Ackerman, Atencio, Bayliss, Burgos, Chamberlain, Endicott, Lowery, Schweitzer, Metzger, Taveras, Encarnacion, Melnyk

Idaho Falls-
C: Boruff, Guzman, Rusty Meyer
IF: Irving Falu, Ferrara, Gaffney, Sevilla, Valentin
OF: Alexis Alexander, Jeff Barry, Juan Eusebio
P: Jeff Alleva, Carlos Blanco, Stephen Bray, Ira Brown, Robert Bryan, Chris Coughlin, William Dossett, John Gragg, Jose Lopez, Jacob Mullis, Brian Nendza, Reinaldo Velasquez, Darwinson Salazar

As for the other 15 or so guys on the 40 man roster.. here's how I think it'll break down

Omaha - Bukvich, Field, Vazquez, Tonis, Patterson, Gettis, George, Voyles
Wichita - Bass
60 day DL - Elvys (not counted on 40 man roster)
15 day DL - Appier (counted)
Released/Traded - Gomez, Brown

Right now, we have 39 people on our 40 man roster

Anyways, Carlos Febles, what's the deal? he's not on the 40 man roster or on any minor league rosters.
- # posted by Robert : 5:56 PM
DSL stats

Your Dominican Summer League averages for 2003:

.237 BA/.322 OBP/.320 SLG

and the averages for the totals among the 35 teams

15 home runs a team (517 total)
74 stolen bases a team (2592 total)
43 hit batsmen a team (1505 total)

the leading team in HBP was the Arizona DSL Diamondbacks with 68 hit batsmen

- # posted by Robert : 4:26 PM

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Pythag on the Minor League teams:

Actual records

Omaha: 70-73
Wichita: 71-69
Wilmington: 80-60
Burlington: 64-74
AZL I: 36-19
AZL II: 32-22
DSL: 15-32

Pythag is basically this:

"You can predict a team's winning percentage by taking its runs scored squared and dividing by the sum of its runs scored squared and its runs allowed squared (got that?). This is known as the Pythagorean Formula:

WPCT = RF^2 / ( RF^2 + RA^2 )"

Pythag records:

Omaha: 77-66
Wichita: 74-66
Wilmington: 84-56
Burlington: 69-69
AZL I: 39-16
AZL II: 29-25
DSL: 19-29

Most of the minor league system was unlucky in 2003.

Or they blew out alot of teams. Which ever. :D
- # posted by Robert : 11:31 PM
Boone or Muser

I saw this on Royalboard, and I intended to reply.

Bob Boone was worse than Tony Muser. While Muser was a horrible manager. Boone took a winning team and drove it into the ground. Boone can't be blamed for the need to gut payroll because we couldn't find an owner for 6 years. But, Boone wasn't any good.

There are numerous ways that Boone showed his idiocy. Giving David Howard over 400 at-bats appears to be stupid.

Muser inherited the team from Boone, and he showed no signs of being close to righting the ship. Muser would have been fired much faster if not for 2000. After the plunge in 2001. Baird stuck with Muser until he had no more.

This organization would have been better off had Hal McRae not been fired in favor of Bob Boone. I don't recall who else was out there to hire to replace Boone.

Boone was worse. Muser was an inspiring as a sponge. Boone never met a lineup that he didn't use.
- # posted by Robert : 9:27 PM
More Tuesday night thoughts

Only 32 days until pitchers and catchers report. Only 37 days until position players report.

I was cruising through the MLB.com page, and I found an interesting scouting video for a Padres draft pick, catcher Colt Morton. The video is on this page. Morton is 6'5". He's probably one of the taller catchers ever. Just seeing him in his crouch is weird, it looks like he can give a high target and everything. I checked his 2003 numbers, and while he hits for decent power, he's not gonna be a catcher for too long. Something just makes me think that he'll be moved to another position, or his legs will get hurt.

As for Royals stuff.. I'm messing around with a 'prospect' formula. Which takes the players averages, compared to the league average, and his other stats, along with his age, to produce a number on how good he is. I'm not totally sure on the range of numbers. But guys like Gettis and DeJesus got good ratings in AA and AAA.

The first draft of the formula is..

Batting average minus League batting average plus OPS minus League OPS plus doubles times .15 plus triples times .3 plus home runs times .25 plus stolen bases times .25 minus caught stealing minus .33 times a number for their age and the level they are at.

BA - LgBA + OPS - LgOPS + 2B * .15 + 3B * .33 + HR * 25 + SB * .25 - CS * .33 *(number)

So, if you're 28 and at Triple A, your numbers get multiplied by .10

The highest age to get these ratings is 28 (AAA), 27 (AA), 25 (High A), 24 (Low A/Short Season), 23 (Rookie Leagues), 21 (Dominican Summer League)

If the player is over the age assigned to that level, his number is multiplied by zero, giving him nothing.

1 is the number for a player who is in the right level for his age. (I might mess with this some). The right ages are 24 (AAA), 23 (AA), 22 (High A), 21 (Low A), 20 (Short-Season/Rookie), 18 (DSL). Players younger than those ages but at that level get a higher number and a better shot at a higher rating.

I suspect there's work to be done on the hits part of the equation, and possibly adding walks and strikeouts to the equation.

I have a formula for pitchers too, which I haven't put into a spreadsheet. I'll reveal that sometime soon.
- # posted by Robert : 8:26 PM
Tuesday thoughts

Sporting news: "The Padres may be close to signing OF Jay Payton. If that comes to pass, they'd likely no longer have any interest in trading for David DeJesus "


Sports Weekly says Ellis Burks will most likely end up in Kansas City. Um. Yeah.

and look at the rise and fall and rise of payroll for the team.
- # posted by Robert : 3:27 PM

Monday, January 12, 2004

SI Poll


come on.. let's vote! :D

- # posted by Robert : 4:28 PM
Lima in New York

While this is not a rumor, after hearing the news of the Mets possibly wanting Maddux or another starter. I thought "Why not Lima?"

#1 fallacy of the Mets getting Maddux, they're not gonna be any good in 2004 and Maddux may fall short of 300 wins as a Met.

Now, as you Royal fans know, there were two Jose Lima's, one who was great against right-handed bats and the other who was the old Jose Lima.

Using the Park Factors (Bill James Handbook 2003).. let's compare Kauffman and Shea.

Avg: 108 (KC)/102 (NYM)
AB: 103 (KC)/101 (NYM)
R: 131 (KC)/99 (NYM)
H: 112 (KC)/104 (NYM)
2B: 112 (KC)/113 (NYM)
3B: 97 (KC)/57 (NYM)
HR: 108 (KC)/85 (NYM)
LHB-HR: 94 (KC)/97 (NYM)
BB: 104 (KC)/99 (NYM)
K: 83 (KC)/100 (NYM)

Just for fun.. let's say Lima is signed by the Mets, and he pitches like he did here.

Here are his home numbers as a Royal

3-2, 6.50 ERA, 7 starts, 36 innings, 40 hits, 26 runs, 5 home runs, 14 walks, 17 strikeouts

(Away numbers: 5-1, 7 starts, 37.1 innings, 40 hits, 14 runs, 2 homers, 12 walks, 15 strikeouts)

Now, I'm not sure if PFs are supposed to be used for pitchers, but, let's try it!

(note, I am using the LHB-HR PF since Lima gave up 5 homers at home, all to left handed hitters)

FUN LIMA FACTS: Lima hit 5 batters, all of them at home.

You move Lima from the K to a neutral park, that shaves 4 hits and 6 runs off. Also, Lima gains 3 strikeouts and loses a walk. You move Lima into Shea, and he gives up 37 hits, 20 runs, 5 home runs, 13 walks and 20 strikeouts.

Using the same # of innings pitched at home, Lima's home ERA goes from 6.50 to 4.91. His overall ERA goes from 4.91 to 4.13.

I suspect Lima may be available on May 1st. But, if he gets the shot, the Mets wouldn't be too bad. He gets a pitchers park in the media capital of the world. While Lima doesn't really do too much for the Mets (although their management doesn't do anything either). It'd be alot better than having him pitch in like St. Louis.

Any thoughts?
- # posted by Robert : 3:14 PM

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Lefty Relief

I was going though some reliever stats on BPro. The one thing a lefty-reliever should do well is prevent inherited runs. Now, if we learned anything from Jason Grimsley, we know that it's better to have a guy up who won't allow the runners on base to score. (Although, I'd imagine Grimsley got very unlucky at times.)

The lefty I noticed near the top of the 'top reliever' and 'best at preventing inherited runs' list in 2000, 2001 and 2003 is Buddy Groom. He had a good WHIP in 2002 (0.90)

Groom is also turning 39 this year. He's making 3 million in 2004.

Although, if the chorus of 'we need a situational lefty' breaks out. Remember, Groom is underrated.

Although Sullivan had a good year in 2002 with inherited runners. And it seems that the whole IRP (Inherited Runs Prevented) stat isn't too consistant. Grimsley led the Royals in that stat in 2001 and he was the third worst in baseball at that in 2003. Groom, at least, has shown that he's pretty good at preventing runners from scoring.

If you go though the following stats from STATS, you may form a picture of who was good in relief in 2003

% of inherited runners scored
First Batter Effiecency
Relief BA with Runners on
Relief BA with RISP

Groom led in % of inherited runners scored (allowing 7 of 48 to score)

Then again, the 2004 results may vary. That's the thing about baseball. Trever Miller and Tom Martin seemed to come out of nowhere to contribute too. So, lefties are anywhere. I throw left-handed. It's just that my speeds on the Speed Pitch were horrible, but I did throw a good knuckler on that Speed Pitch. The formula for Baseball longevity adds years onto your career if you throw left-handed and if you throw a knuckleball. Also, if you strike people out, you last. Randy Johnson will probably pitch until he's 45 years old.

I noticed the following pitchers on a thread on Japanese Baseball.com which was announcing their departures from their teams.

Yoshitaka Mizuo
Takehiro Hashimoto
Takahiro Yamazaki (with video)
Takaki Nomura

Cory Bailey's also a free agent.
- # posted by Robert : 6:30 PM
Spreadsheet note

I just put one together for the pitchers in the minors. (After having a massive one for the hitters)

If you can think of any complex stats or whatever to include on the spreadsheet. Feel free to mention them.

And a note, if you copy and paste the BA stats onto your spreadsheet, you may see that 6-4 or whatever is automatically put in as a date. I had a pain in the ass with that. And the wins and losses are in different columns. But, if Chris George taught us anything, it's that wins aren't very meaningful when it comes to pitching.
- # posted by Robert : 4:34 AM
Other College players

Pat Geroni (Senior, 17 HRs in 290 AB in 2002/2003)

Donnie Smith (Junior)

Shaun Parker (Senior, had a good showing in ACBL)

Kyle Rizzi (Senior from Edinboro University. Left-handed pitcher had a lousy 2003 as a starter in college and a decent time with 1 start, 12 relief appearances, 3 walks and 21 strikeouts in 28 innings in the ACBL)

Derek DeCarlo (Junior - Florida International. 17-0 in College play. 2003 stats. Drafted in 2001 by the Royals.)

Dee Brown (Junior - Central Florida. Full name: Willie Dee Brown. Even if this Dee is also playing football, I think if we have the shot to draft somebody with the same name as somebody on our team, we should do it. The same goes for the other Mike Sweeney, if I can ever find where he disappeared to.)

Gregory Lee from LeMoyne-Owen went 54 for 54 in stolen bases in 2002, and 19 for 20 in 2003. For whatever reason, he also moved from Shortstop to Catcher in that time period. In his last two years and 219 at-bats, he hit .388 with 3 homers, 84 hits and 73 stolen bases. He also pitched 49 innings in 10 games.

Aaron Giza, Senior from Benedictine (Illinois) hit 19 homers in 46 games in 2003.

Tommy Edwards, Senior from East Texas Baptist, may or may not be good, but he struck out 3 times in 146 at-bats in 2003

Honorable (and undraftable) mention to Notre Dame sophmore Ryan Doherty who is the first 7-footer i've heard of in Baseball.

And a former Junior College guy I wanna mention:

Andy Scholl, who we drafted in 2002, hit 26 home runs for Lamar Community College in 2003, and he will be playing for KU in 2004.
- # posted by Robert : 1:23 AM

Saturday, January 10, 2004

The first Pena card

Even with the 1990-1993 collection, this is the first of Tony Pena in my collection

Other cards include Dane Iorg, Onix Concepcion, UL Washington, Rick Camp, Rusty Kuntz, two Ron Gardenhire cards and a much younger Jesse Orosco
- # posted by Robert : 2:16 PM
I am now a bit happier

for I now have, in my possession a shoebox full of cards from 1985. Including Dane Iorg, Onix Concepcion, Jorge Orta, Quisenberry, and alot more.

Today is a day of finding anything useful in a box. Yeah.
- # posted by Robert : 12:26 PM
Brandon Powell related stuff

First off, if I remember to ask a question for the Royals chat on BA. I'll try to relate it to Powell. Powell's even friendly to the statlover in all of us. He lead his team in Runs Created, Isolated Power, Secondary Average. Also, he lead in RBIs.

Anyways, I was looking around at the Royals minor league fields, and if Powell is put in Burlington, I think I found the #2 excuse for any success he may have. (#1 being that "He's too old for Low A")


(The STATS 1998 Minor League Handbook indicates that Community Field is fairly neutral, although it inflates the triple count enormously and helps pitchers' strikeout counts somewhat.)

In 2003, three Bees had 5 triples or more.

The current fence lengths in Royals minor league parks

Arizona: 350 to the foul poles, 379 to the alleys, 400 to center
Burlington: 338/405/315 to right
Wilmington: 325/400/325
Wichita: 344/401/312

Surprise Stadium seems 'triple-a-riffic' (but, I checked and Powell had a share of triples on the road too)

Burlington and Wichita just seem to be fun places for our left-handed hitters to play.

As for the draft.. check this guy out. Where do you think he'll land in the draft?

Another find: David Barkholz

Rene Aqueron (Senior in 2004)
Kurt Suzuki (Junior in 2004)
Ronnie Prettyman (Junior)

Note: Cal-State Fullerton, at least in 2003, was a bizarre unintentional tribute to me. Costa was hit by 20 pitches, freshman Danny Dorn was hit by 20 pitches, Suzuki was hit 15 times, Prettyman was hit 13 times.

Travis Gulick (Junior)
Evan Chipman (Junior)
Kevin Melillo (Junior)
Bryan Spamer (Senior)
Dan Batz (Senior)
Haas Pratt (Senior)
Moises Duran (Senior)

At the very least.. I am prepared for next year. Ha.

Honorable mention to Cody Rizzo, who is not eligible for the draft, but he was hit by 28 pitches in his freshman year.

And here are the High School guys from the Draft Class of 2000 that we were unable to sign. They would be in their Senior Years of College.

Robert Mosby - Went to Northeastern Oklahoma A&M University, drafted by the Reds in 2002

Daniel McKinney - no idea where he went off to

Luca Petrocelli - off in parts unknown

Brad Knox - Went to Central Arizona, drafted by the A's

Darnell Suber - no idea

Marland Williams - Went to North Florida CC, drafted by D-Backs

Maybe 2000 wasn't the banner year for this sort of thing. I'd bet some 2004 picks will have been undrafted in 2000 though.

Anyways.. that's all
- # posted by Robert : 2:24 AM

Friday, January 09, 2004

Lima wanted by one Chi-Sox fan


"Lastly, don't forget about Jose Lima and what he did in his little time with Kansas City. Is he back? Well, we don't know until he's given a shot. It might be better than having Dan Wright fill out the rotation. Just a suggestion, fans should think about it."

Fun US Cellular Field fact: The Cell was the #1 park in the AL when it came to hitting home runs in 2003.

I don't think I'd be as comfortable with Lima if he signed with Chicago. But, I don't think it's a possibility. Lima's out of the pricerange of Jerry Reinsdorf.

Hee hee

- # posted by Robert : 7:40 PM
More thoughts on Juan Gone

via Flanagan in the Star

"The Royals are hoping to get Juan Gonzalez available for the Kansas City news media sometime next week. Gonzalez apparently wasn't up for a phone interview.

“He's not going to be a guy who fills up your notebook,” general manager Allard Baird said. “He really doesn't like the limelight. That's just not him.”"

With the numerous acts of charity from Gonzalez (one I noted in his home town and others as a Ranger). I get the impression that Juan's a quiet charitible person, who doesn't desire the spotlight for what he does. Hey, that might be a bit too much, especially if you're in the media. But, it's not like he's put up the 'No Interviews - JG' sign either.

and congratulations to the newest Cardinal. Mr. Mark Quinn. Quinn will bring his brand of kung-fu baseball to a role in left field for the Cardinals. (Yes, Pujols is moving to first. Why else would the Cardinals sign two left fielders like Quinn and Vaughn). We wish Mark the best.
- # posted by Robert : 2:48 PM

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Design stuff

I've done a bit of messing around with the design of the page (with the side pictures and all that).

So feel free to give me feedback.
- # posted by Robert : 8:25 PM
Lineup ideas

v. LHP

1. Desi Relaford (2B. #8 in the AL for OBP against LHP in 2003)
2. Carlos Beltran (CF)
3. Mike Sweeney (DH)
4. Juan Gonzalez (RF)
5. Angel Berroa (SS)
6. Joe Randa (3B)
7. Ken Harvey (1B)
8. Benito Santiago (C)
9. Aaron Guiel (LF, hey batting 9th isn't glamourous, but you gotta put somebody there and preferably that person is able to get on base for your #1 hitter)

v. RHP

1. Aaron Guiel (LF, takes 59.9 of pitches, swung at the first pitch just 42 times out of 403 first pitches, .387 leadoff OBP)
2. Joe Randa (3B, didn't swing at many first pitches either)
3. Carlos Beltran (CF, hits for more power as a LHP)
4. Mike Sweeney (1B)
5. Juan Gonzalez (RF)
6. Matt Stairs (DH)
7. Angel Berroa (SS)
8. Desi Relaford (2B, Graff isn't too good against RHP either)
9. Benito Santiago (C)

Why Harvey at first and Stairs at DH? because I am comfortable with Harvey at first and Stairs isn't a regular at first. Between Sweeney and Stairs, if Sweeney can play the field, then he should be there. Harvey is a good first baseman to me because of his hands. Harvey probably helped Angel Berroa drop his error rate by catching stuff that Sweeney wouldn't have caught.

and Santiago is better v. LHP, so he gets to move up a spot to face them.

Guiel and Randa's patience is good because in the first few PAs, you wanna make that pitcher stress. If you make them throw pitches, then you get to start with them having to work.

The most important thing to start a game is to get your third batter up with less than two outs. If you have a man on base, then you can shake them up early.

Beltran is #3 v. RHP due to his power, and he should knock runners in from that spot. Gonzalez is also a good candidate for RBIs in his spots in 2004. With Beltran and Sweeney, there's a shot at least one of the two will be on base. If it's Beltran, then anything hit into left field can be a run for the Royals.

Good note about Juan-Gone. In the years he was healthy, he also killed left-handed pitching.

Angel Berroa is lower in the order because that's where he will be the best. We're not the Yankees. We shouldn't out Berroa in the leadoff spot. Angel Berroa would be a good hitter in the #5 spot or the #6 spot.

Desi Relaford's life at leadoff may be for real, but, you never know.

Oh yeah, this site rules you: http://snap.stats.com/premium/sfa/stats/leaders.asp

Any thoughts on the lineups?
- # posted by Robert : 8:01 PM
Short thoughts

One thing I realized about BIP is that sacrifice flies would have to be added in. Which might slant the averages away from sluggers some more.

BIP for Brett (original formula): .300
BIP for Brett (with the SF change): .296

Also.. let me post this Juan Gonzalez tidbit from the Star and Flanigan's column:

"One of the stories about Gonzalez is that in his hometown of Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, many citizens could not afford to have prescriptions filled at the local pharmacy. When Gonzalez heard about this, he insisted that anyone in such a plight should just put their medicine on his bill.

As the story goes, so many citizens there took advantage of Gonzalez' generosity that he finally just bought the pharmacy and now pays for medicine for the underprivileged: Call it the Juan Gone Medicare Plan"

and the Glass tidbits were encouraging too.

Anyways, not much else going on.
- # posted by Robert : 3:27 PM
Introducing BIP

As with other things I come up with on the spreadsheet (which is massive now).. I am not sure if this has been done before.

This is the BIP Average.

BIP = Balls in play

hits minus home runs divided by at-bats minus strikeouts.

A batter's average when he makes contact with the ball.

Leaders in the minors in BIP

Omaha - David DeJesus, .319
Wichita - Norris Hopper, .347
Wilmington - James Shanks, .371
Burlington - Donald Murphy, .369
AZL I - Alex Batista, .433
AZL II - Shane Costa, .407
DSL- Willie Matos, .367

Kansas City - Angel Berroa, .313

So far from what I can see.. there's a player very likely to have a high BIP. That's a fast player without too much power.

Although guys who strike out alot and don't hit too many homers might have a high BIP too. I haven't done a large test on it. Although, I suspect Berroa was helped by having those 100 strikeouts taken off.

From a few samples, Cobb did well on BIP (low # of strikeouts, low # of homers), Ruth's BIP was below his batting average in 1923 (.393 BA, .382 BIP) and Bobby Bonds had a good BIP in the year he had 200 hits and 189 strikeouts.

I guess I'll have to think it over a bit, to see what indicates. Right now, BIP seems to be how often you'd get on base if you put the ball in play. Although, I might be stretching it by taking out homers. But, if I kept home runs in, then the BIP leaders would be strikeout kings who hit home runs.

Bip Roberts career BIP - .335 (but, remember, Bip had just 30 home runs and a career .294 BA, and he didn't strike out alot by modern standards either)

If anybody can get a meaning from BIP (Balls in play) feel free to mention it.
- # posted by Robert : 1:40 AM

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Oh Yeah.. Juan signed too


Gonzalez OKs $4.5M Contract With Royals

"KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two-time American League (news) MVP Juan Gonzalez agreed Tuesday to a one-year contract with the Kansas City Royals (news) that guarantees him $4.5 million.

The free-agent outfielder gets $4 million next season, and the deal includes a mutual option for 2005 at $7 million. If the Royals decline the option, Gonzalez would receive a $500,000 buyout.

In addition, he can earn $2 million in performance bonuses this year and $1.5 million in 2005.

Gonzalez, 34, broke into the majors with Texas in 1989. He played there until 1999, then returned in 2002 after a year in Detroit and another in Cleveland.

Last year, Gonzalez played in 82 games, hitting .294 with 24 home runs and 70 RBIs before a calf injury ended his season.

The three-time All-Star has a .296 career batting average with 429 home runs and 1,387 RBIs.

Gonzalez has five seasons with at least 40 home runs, leading the AL with 43 homers in 1992 and 46 in 1993. He also led the league with 50 doubles in 1998.

In 2004, Gonzalez can earn bonuses of $50,000 for 400 plate appearances, $100,000 for 425, $150,000 for 250 and $200,000 for 475. In each year, he can earn $500,000 each for 500, 550 and 575 plate appearances."

Without a doubt, This is the biggest free agent signing in team history.

Juan Gonzalez, if he has a good year in 2004, may be cementing his case for the hall of fame. Right now, he's a borderline case. He has alot of home runs, but it's not quite enough. His most similar hitters include Albert Belle (should be HOF, but won't), Griffey (future HOF), Thomas (future HOF), Mize (HOF) and Snider. Realistic goals for Juan would include his 2000th hit (he's at 1901), his 450th home run (he's at 429 now), his 1400th and maybe 1500th RBIs (he's at 1387 now). He might make a run at the Royals home run record owned by Steve Balboni.

I will say that Gonzalez brings much more to the table hitting-wise than Raul Ibanez.

Juan Gonzalez, Welcome to Kansas City! Enjoy your time here!

Creeremos en 2004!
- # posted by Robert : 2:32 PM
Hall of Fame Voting

Molitor and Eckersley are in

and three people voted for Jim Eisenreich. While Jim is inspirational and all that.. I don't see how he's a hall of famer. 1 voter voted for Cecil Fielder. They really should let these voters submit anonymous reasons for voting, so we can hear opinions on why some of them are just odd.
- # posted by Robert : 2:10 PM
Possible Konerko to LA deal

Rotoworld says: "It may not have gotten the attention of the A-Rod deal, but this one has been in the works for just as long. A trade is only a possibility right now. The White Sox would do Konerko for Odalis Perez, but the Dodgers don't like that idea. They would go for a Jeff Weaver-for-Konerko swap, but the White Sox would only do that if the Dodgers would pick up a portion of the $15.5 million Weaver is owed over the next two years. That would allow them to sign a quality first baseman to replace Konerko (Rafael Palmeiro?)."

Konerko to LA: Bad for Konerko's hitting stats (which are due to be somewhat normal in 2004 after takint a 90 point plunge)

Perez to Chicago: Good for the Sox

Weaver to Chicago: Good for Mike Sweeney's batting average against the White Sox

Palmeiro to Chicago: Baaaaad (for us)

Career stats v. KC/at Kauffman Stadium

Konerko- 301 AB, .301/.372/.471, 10 HR/139 AB, .302/.344/.496, 7 HR
Perez- 1 GS, 7 innings, 3.86 ERA
Weaver- 14 G, 13 GS, 5-6, 94.1 innings, 3.91 ERA/7 G, 7 GS, 3-3, 47.1 innings, 4.37 ERA
Palmeiro- 597 AB, .293/.379/.575, 38 HR/305 AB, .292/.364/.557, 17 HR

Sweeney v. Weaver: 15 for 42, 5 doubles, 2 HR, 8 RBI, .357/.413/.619

Then again, when it comes to a deal like this, it may not happen. Although, is there really too much of a difference fielding-wise between Palmeiro and Frank Thomas? When it comes to hitting, they hit very similar numbers in 2003. Around .260 BA, alot of walks and over 30 home runs. Would Palmeiro bunt if Ozzie Guillen wanted to move a runner?

If Jeff Weaver came to Chicago, how long would it take him to punch Jay Mariotti in the face?
- # posted by Robert : 6:57 AM

Monday, January 05, 2004

Yep.. it works

(from the SI 'Classic Rivalries' magazine)

If only I had that one Royals book around, with all sorts of interesting pictures. Like the one of Patek at first with Frank Howard (6'8") as the first baseman. Or others.
- # posted by Robert : 8:09 PM

from Harley

"It seems to me that $4 million is too high a price to pay for a season from a left-fielder that could easily be equalled or bettered by one of our youngsters--David DeJesus, Alexis Gomez, yes, even Dee Brown. All of these guys have suffered because of KC's crowded outfield over the past few years, and yet we're trying to sign outfielders? When there's talent like Greg Maddux still on the market? Pitchers who can be depended on to win 10-15 games are not a surplus commodity at Kauffman"

Greg Maddux? Harley, no offense, but Maddux is gonna want more than 4 million. And if Gonzalez would block our outfielders like DeJesus (who'll replace Beltran in 2005), Gomez (who saw his BB:K numbers turn for the worse in 2003) or Brown (120Ks a year!), what would Maddux do for our pitching prospects?? Maddux coming to KC just is not very realistic. He'd want alot of money for a long time, with his agent, Mr. Scott Boras.

As for Juan's stats being equalled or bettered by DeJesus or Gomez or Dee Brown.. fat chance. DeJesus and Gomez haven't shown signs of power yet. DeJesus can hit for a good average. Gomez might beat Juan in a BB:K ratio showdown. Dee Brown hasn't shown the ability to hit for alot of homers and a good average.

If you know of an outfielder in our system who can hit .290 with 30 HRs and tons of RBI, by all means, tell us about him. (Note, interesting how you didn't mention Gonzalez's tendancy to get hurt, considering that would elevate one of our outfielders from the minors and not block them. :) )

a 38 year old pitcher or a 34 year old outfielder..

I just wanted to put up my short reply. :)
- # posted by Robert : 4:47 PM
Minor signings

the newest Baseball America came today, and it confirmed some transactions

Yes.. Wilton Guerrero and Rick Short were signed by KC.

But.. Julius Matos was signed by Montreal.

Blake Stein was signed by Pittsburgh

via rotoworld: in an effort to confuse people, the Rangers signed Eric Young, who will backup Michael Young.

and I have no idea when BA will get to doing the Royals top 10 prospects. When they do, I'll be there to type it here. Hehe.
- # posted by Robert : 3:23 PM
circa 1985


"It's over. KC won it. I'm not looking for an excuse, because I'm not a Cardinal fan, but it seems like there's got to be an explanation of why the 101-61 Cardinals lost 4 of the last 5 to the Royals. Is it that the Royals had a great pitching staff that didn't completely gell until so late in the season so they showed only so-so to good stats? Could Coleman have meant that much to the St. Loius. Just a statistical anomally?"

"(1) K.C. just kept fighting back, and would never get down no matter what the odds were of them pulling it off. Plus the underdog syndrome...

(2) either (a) the Cardinals offense died, or (b) the Royals pitching blew them away, or (c) all of the above. (didn't the Cards score something like 6 runs in the last 5 games: 6-1 KC, 3-1 Stl, 6-1 KC, 2-1 KC, 11-0 KC? not too awesome...) Anyway, there pitching was damn good. Saberhagen was awesome.

(3) in all seriousness, I thought StL had the series wrapped up in game 6. *But* (a) they had a call go obviously against them, (b) they had Porter behind the plate, and (c) refer to ideas #1 and #2.

These are my gut feelings. I don't feel Denkinger caused them to lose. I have a hard time believing that an ump could lose a game for anyone. If they had been playing the kind of ball that they were playing before the playoffs, we'd *probably* be talking about them winning it. But they picked a rotten time to go into a slump. If the call in game 6 had gone for the Cardinals, they might have pulled it off then. Oh well."

"anyone care to donate a fan to the Royals to replace the
one Tudor broke"

(if the Cardinals and Royals need a traveling trophy for their season series, they can always use "Tudor's fan")


"In game 6, the call at first probably was wrong, but to say that it cost the Cards the GAME, let alone the series is inaccurate. The Royals still got two hits after the call, and scored with only one out. Not only that, but one doesn't remember the close ball and strike calls that went against Leibrandt early in the game. Conclusion: The umps call 90% of calls correctly, and they do not lose ball games for clubs"

"Umps especially don't lose Series for teams that bat .185"

hee hee
- # posted by Robert : 3:01 AM

Sunday, January 04, 2004

The scanner works!

(put together thanks to photoshopping)

(with pants!)

I have noooo idea how I will use this on the blog.. but, I bet I have some more amusing cards out there.
- # posted by Robert : 11:59 PM
Gone to Kansas City?

Another article about this

Beltran and Gonzalez, both from Puerto Rico, are friends. And Royals manager Tony Pena made a sales pitch to Gonzalez.

"Tony went way out of his way to contact Juan and let him know how welcome he'd be," Nero said. "So I think that's a factor, but we'll see. I'm sure we'll get it all resolved this week."

I'd say this is very close to being official.
- # posted by Robert : 8:37 PM


- # posted by Robert : 6:09 PM
Mike Aviles MVP


Now, let's compare Aviles to his teammate, Brandon Powell.

BA: Aviles - .363, Powell - .330
OBP: Aviles - .404, Powell - .402
SLG: Alives - .585, Powell - .583
Runs Created: Aviles - 48, Powell - 50
Home Runs: Aviles - 6, Powell - 4
Doubles: Aviles - 19, Powell - 13
Triples: Aviles - 5, Powell - 15
Hits: Aviles - 77, Powell - 72
Secondary Average: Aviles - .311, Powell - .422
Isolated Power: Aviles - .222, Powell - .252
Walks/Strikeouts: Aviles - 13 walks/28 strikeouts, Powell - 27 walks/40 strikeouts

Either way, it's still valuable. Any other AZL Royals who seemed to be pretty valuable?

(note: I don't know how Jorge Mejia beat Powell for the AZL All-Star team. One thing, it's not that Powell was 22. Mejia shares the same birthday as Powell (August 15) and Mejia was 20 for most of the year. Mejia also had 129 at-bats for the same team in 2002. Yet, Mejia, who hit over .255 for the first time in his career, beats out Powell for the all-star team? I guess just having a .377 BA out of nowhere will do that. Even if Powell can succeed on more than 50% of his stolen base tries.)

based on the stats, it's relieving that they didn't give the AZL MVP to Wlad Balentien (for hitting 16 homers in 187 AB).
- # posted by Robert : 3:54 AM

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Research indicates

the Arizona Rookie League is hitter-friendly

League-wide marks for 2003: .280/.354/.406

Royals I: .307/.368/.478
Royals II: .282/.372/.404

AZL Cubs had 50 triples, Royals I had 46, the league total was 311, almost 35 triples a team.

I don't see myself going through all the team pages and using spreadsheets to compute OBP and SLG league-wide for the Dominican Summer League. Because, I think that would drive me insane.

Plus, I know the league slugging average will be something like .310 anyways. :)
- # posted by Robert : 11:59 PM
Another fun stat

Isolated Power - Slugging Average minus Batting Average


Omaha- Morgan Burkhart, .257 ISO
Wichita- Tydus Meadows, .204 ISO
Wilmington- Trey Dyson, .157 ISO
Burlington- Kila Kaaihue, .154 ISO
AZL Royals I- Brandon Powell, .252 ISO
AZL Royals II- Bryan Graham, .239 ISO
DSL Royals- Willie Matos, .091 ISO
- # posted by Robert : 4:12 PM
Turn on ESPN Classic now

Now showing.. the 1973 All-Star game, from Royals Stadium

it'll be on until 3pm CST
- # posted by Robert : 2:34 PM

Friday, January 02, 2004

Various other numbers

Sec. Average - A number meant to reflect everything else except the batting average. A player will have a high Secondary Average if he hits for power, takes walks and steals bases. The formula is total bases minus hits plus walks plus stolen bases minus caught stealing divided by at-bats.

TB - H + BB + SB - CS


Runs created
Jarrod Patterson - 70
Mike Kelly - 69
Morgan Burkhart - 62

Sec. Average

Brandon Berger - .416
Aaron Guiel - .384


Runs created
Byron Gettis - 89
Tydus Meadows - 74

Sec. Average

Meadows - .316
Gettis - .284


Runs created
Chris Fallon - 77
Trey Dyson - 75
Ruben Gotay - 71

Sec. Average

Fallon - .312
Gotay - .257


Runs created
Donald Murphy - 89
Damaso Espino - 70
Mel Stocker - 67

Sec. Average
Kila Kaaihue - .306
Stocker - .298
Murphy - .255

AZL Royals I

Runs created
Brandon Powell - 50
Mike Aviles - 48
Mitch Maier - 40
Chris Lubanski - 35

Sec. Average
Powell - .422
Aviles - .311
Brian McFall - .277

(Maier - .266, Lubanski - .204)

Note when it comes to Powell, Maier, and Aviles. The AZL Royals I created 342 runs, those three created 138 runs. They scored 141 runs (the team scored 398 runs). They knocked in 130 runs.

AZL Royals I fun fact: they knocked in as more triples (46) than home runs (44)

AZL Royals II

Runs created
Jeff Barry - 32
Bryan Graham - 26
Geraldo Valentin - 25

Sec. Average
Walter Sevilla - .291
Barry - .284
Mike Saunches - .280

DSL Royals

Runs created
Mario Lisson - 28
Willie Matos - 15
Johnny Granadino - 12
Valentino Arce - 11
Manuel Juan - 11

Sec. Average
Matos - .351
Lisson - .320
Alvi Morel - .258

Remember this when it comes to DSL stats.. a quick spreadsheet had shown me that the batting average in the Dominican Summer League was .237 (which is the lowest league batting average in baseball in 2003). The deadball era had league BAs around .248, and a team can count on an average of 15 home runs, total. The DSL Royals team BA was .212 and they hit 8 home runs.

Stolen bases success percentage
Omaha: 63.9%
Wichita: 64.9%
Wilmington: 69.5%
Burlington: 71.9%
AZL Royals I: 64.5%
AZL Royals II: 72.5%
DSL Royals: 60.2%
- # posted by Robert : 5:31 PM

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