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Inspired by pages 289 through 294 of the New Historical Baseball Abstract, the essay titled "Bird thou never wert"

The AL strikeout per 9 innings rate in 2003: 6.11 (13735 strikeouts in 20224 innings)

Kyle Snyder: 4.79 K per 9 (39K in 85 1/3 IP)
Mike MacDougal: 8.01 K per 9 (57K in 64 IP)
DJ Carrasco: 6.38 K per 9 (57 K in 80 1/3 IP)
Jimmy Gobble: 5.29K per 9 (31 K in 52 2/3 IP)

The Royals Rookies in 2002:
League K per 9 rate: 6.26 K per 9 (14020 K in 20164 IP)
Runelvys: 5.44 K per 9 (45 K in 72 1/3 IP)
Asencio: 4.23 K per 9 (58 K in 123 1/3 IP)
Affeldt: 7.76 K per 9 (66 K in 77 2/3 IP)

In 2001:
League K per 9 rate: 6.44 K per 9 (14474 K in 20212 IP)
Chris George: 3.89K per 9 (32 K in 74 IP)

In 1990:
League K per 9 rate: 5.66 K per 9 (12689K in 20178 IP)
Kevin Appier: 6.15K per 9 (127K in 185 2/3 IP)

Doom was predicted for pitchers with 4 per 9 or 4.5 per 9 K/9 ratings.

At the very least, this looks good for MacDougal and Affeldt.
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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Remaining free agents

right here

100 left
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Oddities of the year

Via Jayson Stark

"Pitcher's Very Best Friend Dept.: The Twins turned a bases-loaded double play, on Aug. 21 against Kansas City, in which they got both outs at home. (Doug Mientkiewicz caught a Brent Mayne ground ball and went home for the force. A.J. Pierzynski's throw back to first hit the runner. Luis Rivas picked up the ball and threw out Ken Harvey at home.)"


"The inimitable Rob Stratton (167 strikeouts in 104 games this year, up to more than 400 more career strikeouts -- 974 -- than hits -- 569) just performed an all-time feat for Albuquerque. According to our buddies at SportsTicker, he struck out in 16 consecutive trips to the plate, from Aug. 11-16, then busted out with his 31st homer the next day.

Lenny Harris' brief visit to Albuquerque, between getting released by the Cubs and getting called up by the Marlins, didn't go so hot. He was playing first base Aug. 17 against Omaha and committed an error with two outs in the ninth inning -- that led to nine unearned runs, and a 13-8 loss."

More Stark

"The Royals have used 15 starting pitchers this year. The 14th (Brian Anderson) and 15th (Jamey Wright) have thrown more complete-game shutouts this month (two) than the first 13 threw in the first 138 games of the season."

and this is from the Media Guide

Career inside the park home runs:

Willie Wilson - 13 (5 out of 6 of his HRs in 1979 were inside the park home runs, one beat the Yankees, another ITP-HR beat the Brewers in the biggest comeback in team history)

George Brett - 7 (including one to win a batting title and two in October 1985)

Amos Otis - 6
Brian McRae - 5

Among the notables to have Inside the Park Home Runs for KC, Brent Mayne has two (*1) (August 22nd, 1991 and September 27th, 1991). Fun fact, both homers were in the 4th inning and both were hit to the left fielder. Both also knocked in another runner (Todd Benzinger in September, Bill Pecota in August) (*2)

Mayne also has a walkoff home run (2002), two grand slams (1994 with the Royals, 1998 with the Giants) and he has 16 other home runs as a Royal that I haven't mentioned.

"I was trying to explain Brent Mayne to a friend of mine, when Mayne first came up. "He's like Ozzie" I said. My friend understood exactly; Mayne looked awful in the stats, but he would make odd plays that nobody else would make." - The New Bill James Historical Abstract. Page 636.

It never really seemed that Mayne was going through his best season as a Royal this year. But, that appears to be the case. He hit 6 home runs in 2003, which is tied with 6 in 2000 and 6 in 1997. 17 doubles is near the most for him as a Royal (18 in 1995).

One more fun Brent Mayne fact: as a Royal, he hit 7 triples. In his career, he has just 7 triples. 5 of them were in Kauffman stadium, #6 was in Tropicana Field, #7 was in Coors Field during the 'Heart Attack-inducing' three game series against the Rockies. (*3)

Sure, Mayne's numbers sucked this year. Even if you consider his slugging average was it's best in a awhile (.344). Plus, he had a 4-hit game against the Yankees.

Anyways.. Brent Mayne's career will be shrouded in quirkyness and the fact that his middle name is Danem. I wish him luck in Arizona.

*1 - Among players active with the Royals in 2003, Mayne had the most career ITP-HRs (for a little bit). Febles, Tucker, Berroa and Guiel all had one. Carlos Beltran hit one in 2002 and another one in Fenway in 2003.

*2 - With all the stats being recorded these days, why doesn't somebody record Inside the Park HRs? At the very least, they're not like normal home runs. The guy who hits it has to run hard all the way (unless the ball gets stuck in a beer cup).

*3 - I wish the Royals got to play in Denver more often. Sure, having an 11-1 lead whittle down to 13-11 isn't too exciting but Coors Field is a great looking field and the games won't be too boring. (If you like slugfests)
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And some sort of Voros too

Now.. due to the lack of numbers in standard minor league stats (lack of sac hits).. this isn't complete, but here's a a first version of some DIPS (is that right) Voros-ish stuff for Omaha and Wichita

In Omaha, 27.5% of all balls in play were expected to hits

Using that for Ryan Baerlocher and Chris George, we find that..

Baerlocher gave up 2 hits less than expected
Chris George gave up 10 more hits than expected

In Wichita, 30.2% of all balls in play were expected to be hits

Greinke gave up 2 more hits than expected
Gobble gave up 4.9 less hits than expected

In Wilmington, 30.1% of all balls in play were expected to be hits

Greinke gave up 18.8 less hits than expected
Bass gave up 13.2 less hits than expected
Middleton gave up 13 less hits than expected
McClellan gave up 19 less hits than expected

I'm sure that somewhere along the line.. I screwed this up a bit..
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Monday, December 29, 2003

Crack that WHIP

This is the short start to some sort of analysis of Royals pitching. Starting with walks+hits/innings pitched

Jim Serrano - 1.29

Buddy Carlyle - 0.95
Mike Natale - 1.32 (w/ Wichita), 1.34 (w/ Wilmington)
Jorge Vazquez - 1.10 (w/ Wichita), 1.43 (w/ Wilmington)

Billy Keppinger - 1.10
Robbie Morrison - 1.07

Steve Chamberlain - 1.03

Jeff Alleva - 1.16
Alexis Encarnacion - 0.90
Dusty Dossett - 1.32

and here are some other minor league marks

K per 9:

Zack Greinke - 8.4
Jacob Mullis - 8.05
Carlos Cordero - 7.49
Brian Bass - 7.04
Colt Griffin - 6.47

K:BB ratio:

Zack Greinke - 6.2 strikeouts for every walk

Jacob Mullis - 8.14 strikeouts for every walk (57K, 7BB)

Carlos Cordero - 5.2 strikeouts for every walk (47K, 9BB)

well.. I'll do more later.
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Sunday, December 28, 2003

Various links/questions/whatever

First off.. the Royals are the topic of a 'Ask BA' question about what they gave up to get Anderson, Lloyd, Leskanic and White. And, as we all know, it turns out we didn't give up too much.

Also, let me note that I didn't really think Adam Donachie would be somebody who'd be in Single-A in 2004. He'll probably move up, being a 2002 pick and all, even if he's hit .206/.300/.250 and .250/.357/.333 in two years as a Royal (although he's had 140 ABs in two years also)

and here's an article on Lima -

(source) [in Spanish]

and here's my sorta-loose translation of the Lima-related parts (sorry to all the Furcal fans)

'SANTO DOMINGO. - The shortstop Rafael Furcal and the pitcher Jose Lima, both of the Major Leagues will make their debuts this Sunday with the Lions of the Chosen One in a Dominican professional baseball game. Announced this Friday by the executive vice-president of that club, engineer Daniel Aquino Hernandez.

Furcal and Lima will have his first participation in the Dominican championship when the Lions face the Tigers of the Licey, in an encounter scheduled for the 5:00 PM. According to Aquino Hernandez, Lima will work in the bullpen for the game, in preparation for him to start a game for Escogido.


Lima (8-3, 4.91) had a spectacular return to the Major Leagues in 2003, with the Kansas City Royals. He won his first seven decisions, before leaving the rotation due to injury. He was signed by the Royals after a shining performance with the Newark Bears, of Atlantic League.

With the Bears, the right-hander Lima, an old winner of 20 games with the Houston Astros, had 6-1 record, 2.33 ERA. In 54 innings, he allowed 40 hits, only five walks and struck out 52.'

and the Red Sox will be signing Brian Daubach too.
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Possible lineups in 2004

Kansas City
C- Benito Sanitago
1B- Ken Harvey/Matt Stairs/Mike Sweeney
2B- Desi Relaford/Tony Graffanino
3B- Joe Randa
SS- Angel Berroa
LF- David DeJesus
CF- Carlos Beltran
RF- Aaron Guiel
DH- Ken Harvey/Matt Stairs/Mike Sweeney
Bench- Mendy Lopez, Rich Thompson, Kelly Stinnett
Starting pitchers- May, Anderson, Asencio, Appier, Affeldt
Relief pitchers- MacDougal, Leskanic, Sullivan, Grimsley, Carrasco, Dawley

C- Mike Tonis/Juan Brito
1B- Chad Santos
2B- Gookie Dawkins
3B- Jarrod Patterson
SS- Wilton "Superbat" Guerrero
LF- Brandon Berger
CF- Norris Hopper
RF- Byron Gettis
DH- Cal Pickering
Others- Rick Short,
Pitchers- Zack Greinke, Ryan Baerlocher, Jimmy Gobble, Chris George, Kyle Snyder, Donnie Bridges, Serrano, Voyles, Field, Wilson, Venafro, Sedlacek

C- Scott Walter/Charles Alley
1B- Chris Fallon
2B- Ruben Gotay
3B- Justin Gemoll
SS- Andres Blanco
LF- Marco Cunningham
CF- James Shanks
RF- John Draper
Others- Corey Hart, Kirk Pierce,
Pitchers- Eric Thompson, Mike Natale, Ian Ferguson, Shaun Shiery, Brad Stiles, Kyle Middleton, Dustin Wrightsman, Trae McGill, Robbie Morrison, Camp, Vazquez, Tamayo, Wilkerson

Wilmington (25)
C- Mitch Maier/Paul Phillips
1B- Kila Kaaihue
2B- Donald Murphy
3B- Damaso Espino
SS- Angel Sanchez
LF- Shane Costa
CF- Mel Stocker
RF- Justin Cowan
Others- Darren Fenster, Tim Frend, JD Alleva, Darwinson Salazar
Pitchers- Colt Griffin, Nathan Hoelscher, Billy Keppinger, Brian Bass, Mike Stodolka, Leslie Nacar, Ryan Douglass, Eduardo Villacis, Armitage, Chamberlain, Burgos, Melnyk

Burlington (25)
C- Felipe Del Rosario/Matt Tupman
1B- Anibal Figuereo
2B- Brandon Powell
3B- Alexander Batista
SS- Mike Aviles
LF- Kenard Springer
CF- Chris Lubanski
RF- Rene Oriental
Others- Bernard Stephens, David Jensen, Eric Lonnquist, Luis Gonzalez, Derrik Lytle
Pitchers (11)- Jonah Bayliss, Matthew Schweitzer, Carlos Cordero, Enidcott, Lucas Palmer, Lowery, Ackerman, Atencio, Alexis Encarnancion, Dan Christensen, Honeudis Pereyra

Feel free to point out any omissions or whatever. I feel the pitcher stuff is really going to be different. Also, we have alot of pitchers.

and yes, I do see Dee Brown and Alexis Gomez as not being Royals in 2004. As for Carlos Febles, I don't know if he'll be in AAA or on the roster or what. Maybe Febles and Gomez will be put together on the trading block to see if anybody would seriously made an offer for the two.
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OOTP update

First, now the players have their real names.


Chris George is unusually good.

Well, the numbers for him through July 3rd, 2003 on the sim are..

v. RHB: they're 91 for 229 with 11 HRs for a .397 BA, a .453 OBP and a .659 SLG

v. LHB: they're 6 for 77.. yes.. that's a .078 BA, a .172 OBP and a .117 SLG

so Chris George better not have been too angry that after a 61 pitch start and a day off, he was called in to pitch to Higginson and Carlos Pena (two left-handed batters) while we had a 4-2 lead.

George only threw 5 pitches to get those guys out, but despite being a starter, I'm going to make him my top left-handed reliever.

I should probably get a pitcher in the rotation so I don't have to start George and put him in on his off-days too. But, my rotation is Elvis, Asencio, George, May and Robert Person (w/ Affeldt on the DL).

Meanwhile in real news.. there is none
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Crunching the numbers down

source used for these numbers

Let's go though the Royals minor leaguers and use some numbers to evaluate how they really did in 2003.


The minimum for this is 365 ABs (and being with the organization now), which will include Burkhart (minor-league FA), Gomez, Mike Kelly, Julius Matos and Jarrod Patterson

PCL averages- .273/.340/.414
Burkhart- .251/.361/.432
Gomez- .270/.308/.408
Kelly- .296/.382/.495
Matos- .288/.324/.396
Patterson- .257/.329/.448

OF Average- .281/.351/.436
Gomez- .270/.308/.408
Kelly- .296/.382/.495

Gomez really experienced a fall in his status this year. His BB/K rate fell badly (26 walks/91 strikeouts). And the shot of him being in the organization in 2004 is dim. Aging 2 years will do that to you.

Mike Kelly exceeded the averages in his 8th season of AAA ball. He might be useful to a team lacking in talent as a bench player. Heck of a comeback though.

1B Average- .274/.345/.442
Burkhart- .251/.361/.432

Other than his ability to draw walks and get hit by pitches (50 walks/17 HBP), Burkhart didn't really excel too much in Omaha.

Although, it's still debatable if Cal Pickering would be able to outhit Burkhart. Burkhart's outhitting Pickering in Mexico right now BTW. From what I've noticed and probably just common sense, Burkhart is a better hitter as a lefty. No idea how good he is as a right-handed batter. He did face alot of left-handed pitching this year in KC (Brian Anderson, Mulholland, Bierbrodt, Cliff Lee) and he had 1 hit in 9 AB as a RHB, which probably didn't help him stay on this side of I-29 for long.

3B average- .282/.344/.430
Patterson- .257/.329/.448

Patterson, who I presume will be the backup for Joe Randa or back in Omaha, didn't really hit all that well compared to the other third basemen in the PCL. Considering the reason he's employed is because he can hit and not because he can field, that's not a good sign. Patterson's average and OBP were disappointing.

SS average- .269/.333/.384
Matos- .288/.324/.396

Above average hitting at his position. Above average slugging. Although Julius wasn't inclined to draw walks (13 in 403 PA). If you wanted to know, Matos walked once in 59 plate appearances as a Royal. Matos walked in his 22nd PA and that was it for him this year. Not quite in Mark Quinn territory, but still not that good. He was good against lefties (8 for 19) and crappy against righties (7 for 38)


The minimum I used was 380 AB, which includes Gemoll, Gettis, Norris Hopper and Chad Santos.

League averages- .269/.339/.393
Gemoll- .275/.360/.332
Gettis- .302/.377/.473
Hopper- .300/.346/.342
Santos- .270/.332/.422

1B average- .271/.346/.426
Santos- .270/.332/.422

Santos appears to have been fairly average this year. Although striking out 116 times and walking 35 times is ugly. Santos might be moving up to AAA this year by sheer process of elimination (unless Omaha has another guy to use as DH while Pickering plays first).

3B average- .267/.346/.399
Gemoll- .275/.360/.332

Gemoll was good on two out of three of those counts. Although he didn't really slug much considering he's a third baseman. He had 105 hits, 85 of which were singles, 19 doubles and one home run. He got on base 52 other times (46 walks/6 HBP). I also remember that he was a Texas League all-star at third base. But, with BA's stats, I have no clue how good he really was at third base fielding-wise.

OF average- .277/.343/.397
Gettis- .302/.377/.473
Hopper- .300/.346/.342

Byron Gettis was ranked season hitting-wise in the Texas League on that BPro page. As you can see, he had a good year and I wouldn't be surprised if he showed up in the majors this year for a short stint (at the least). The big concern I have is that he strikes out quite often. Although, he does get on base by getting hit by pitches alot. I'd hope that who ever manages him in 2004 (Jirischele or Frank White) doesn't keep sending him to steal bases, since he was only 15 for 26 in steal attempts in 2003. From what I heard about Byron (that he's a Kirby Puckett-type), he probably won't be stealing many bases.

Hopper also hit above the average in everything but slugging. But, he seems to be a speed player. He also bunted alot (16 times). His 2003 was decent.

Four players had 400ABs or more (who are still with the organization, Dyson was traded). Those four are Justin Cowan, John Draper, Chris Fallon and Ruben Gotay.

The Carolina League averages- .256/.332/.368
Cowan- .274/.334/.402
Draper- .234/.313/.286
Fallon- .272/.386/.401
Gotay- .261/.343/.384

Draper is the only one who fails to exceed the average. The rest were over the league average.

OFers average- .261/.336/.368
Cowan- .274/.334/.402
Draper- .234/.313/.286

Cowan was in the upper realm of outfielders hittingwise in 2003. Although his OBP was below average. He walked 25 times, struck out 66 times and he was hit by 16 pitches.

Draper's year hittingwise wasn't very good. But, he was hit by 12 pitches.

1B average- .259/.347/.402
Fallon- .272/.386/.401

Fallon excelled at hitting and getting on base. He got on base 224 times (128 hits, 84 walks, 4 IBBs, 8 HBP) in 574 PAs. Although his slugging was merely average for his position. He only hit 11 HR. He was ranked 5th in the Carolina league on the BPro page for 'MjEQA' (what they'd hit if they were in the majors).

2B average- .270/.337/.368
Gotay- .261/.343/.384

Disregarding the fact that Second Basemen are rarely praised for their hitting, Gotay was around the league average for his position. Gotay was tied for the team lead in doubles (31). His 193 total bases were second to former Blue Rock Trey Dyson. Gotay being able to hit would be nice, although his fielding will be more important.


With a minimum of 380 ABs, we get 7 players to go over. Espino, Frend, Kaaihue, Murphy, Sanchez, Bernie Stephens and Mel Stocker.

League averages- .253/.328/.355
Espino- .285/.377/.369
Frend- .267/.328/.402
Kila- .238/.355/.380
Murphy- .313/.397/.425
Sanchez- .270/.321/.309
Stephens- .245/.314/.317
Stocker- .273/.367/.380

OF averages- .255/.328/.355
Frend- .267/.328/.402
Stephens- .245/.314/.317
Stocker- .273/.367/.380

All in all.. that average doesn't seem to imply that Midwest League OFs had a good year.

Well, except in Burlington

Frend's numbers weren't too bad. He did get on-base as often as most of the other outfielders, but he had more luck slugging and batting. 11 HRs, 22 doubles.

Stephens was the weak-link there offensively. He did have a good number of triples, but his numbers weren't that good. And he lead the team in strikeouts too. Probably not the most patient batter.

Stocker's going to be in Wilmington or Wichita in 2004. He was in Wilmington late in 2003. His Low-A numbers were pretty good, and got him promoted. The hype I've read says that Mel's one of the fastest players around, from either side of the plate.

3B average- .246/.325/.357
Espino- .285/.377/.369

Espino, who was acquired in the deal where we dumped Jeff Austin, appears to be the best third-base prospect in the organization. He walked a fair bit, he hit doubles and all that worked out well. He did make alot of errors though.

1B average- .252/.332/.394
Kila- .238/.355/.380

Kila, from Iolani High, had a fairly decent year, considering he's 19. He was able to draw walks and get on base. He didn't exactly slug up to average. He did do much better than Dave Jensen (who hit .205 this year). It wouldn't surprise me if Kila has a bright future.

2B average- .263/.341/.351
Murphy- .313/.397/.425

First off, Murphy played 82 out of 132 games at second. He played 41 at shortstop. But he looks even better next to the averages for Midwest League Shortstops.

Murphy's hitting is looking to be a very strong point. 14 errors in 123 games in the middle-infield looks good too. This is low-A ball, so I don't know for sure how good Murphy will be. He was third in the Midwest League on the BPro link.

SS average- .253/.322/.333
Sanchez- .270/.321/.309

Sanchez doesn't appear to have much luck with OBP. He got on-base 32 times (28 walks/4 HBP) but he also made 449 PAs. He's listed as a third baseman in the media guide (but then again, Espino was on the team, so he was moving). The numbers for Sanchez don't look that good.

The BPro page doesn't have anything for the Arizona leagues, sparing you some analysis. But, I can analyze the two catchers we picked up from the Northern League

Northern League Averages: .271/.343/.389
Catcher AVGs in that league: .248/.327/.374
Charles Alley: .343/.484/.481
Kirk Pierce: .305/.389/.556

Both catchers were very good compared to their league. Alley was first in MjEQA, Pierce was third. For those curious, Alley's hitting for Winnipeg in 2003 is equal to a .254 BA in the Majors. That's equal to what Mike DiFelice did and better than Brent Mayne. (Which may not mean much since Mayne and DiFelice weren't that good with the bat). Pierce wouldn't outhit any Royal catchers though.

From an article I read, Alley's walkrate increased when he used his role as a catcher to figure out where the umpires strike zone was. Which is pretty clever, and probably won't go that far in the minors. Alley walked 61 times in 304 PA. He struck out 19 times. He had 17 doubles, 5 home runs. Mainly Alley's strongpoints are his eye and his ability to get on base. Alley may not get on-base as often in AA but his eye will stay with him.

Pierce brings more power. 15 home runs, 27 doubles. I'd rate him below Alley though. While he can slug, he was also 30 in 2003. Alley's 27 in 2004.

Well.. that's all.. I did notice Dee Brown down in the DeeWL with 8 hits (in 33 AB) and 8 RBI.

Febles for the Rhinos in the DWL: .296/.381/.430 with 2 HRs
Berroa on the same team (in 73 AB): .315/.407/.438 with a homer
Dee Brown (in 33 AB): .242/.350/.303
Jarrod Patterson: .312/.391/.390 with a HR (in 77 AB)
Alexis Gomez: .260/.321/.356
Mendy Lopez: .228/.304/.409 with 7 home runs.

That last stat brings me to this observation.

Anybody else notice that Mendy Lopez is hitting alot of home runs? Well, compared to how he hit before.

He was hurt in June. Then when he rehabbed in the Arizona Rookie League, he hit three home runs. He came back in August, and he hit three more home runs. One against the Yankees, one against the Twins and one against the White Sox. Those three home runs in just 51 AB came after Mendy hit 2 home runs in his previous 333 AB.

Fun fact: every home run that Mendy Lopez hit in the majors was in Kauffman Stadium. (4 as a Royal, 1 as an Astro)

Now, in 149 AB in the DWL, Mendy Lopez has 7 more home runs.

Since his injury: 225 AB (25 in AZL, 51 in KC, 149 in DWL), 13 HR, .458 SLG

My theory is that Mendy Lopez has changed something in his batting stance since he injured his right calf. Possibly due to the after-effects of that injury, he's hitting for more power. Well, compared to what he's done before. Sometimes changing stuff like that will have an effect like that. Either that or he had a talk with Jeff Pentland.

Well, that's all for now..
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Friday, December 26, 2003

Note on the Idaho Falls team

They'll be the Idaho Falls Chukars this season.
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One big gift this year

I got a Royals Media Guide (well.. the 2003 Media Guide)

Going though some of the Royals minor leaguers.. some interesting stuff.

Valentino Arce caught my attention this year. He played for the Salcedo Royals in the Dominican Republic.

His line for 2003:

23 for 109
5 doubles, 1 triple, 7 RBI
16 walks, 9 strikeouts
He was hit by a pitch nine times.

So, Arce's first year with the Royals ended with him reaching base more often on walks and HBPs than on hits.

Arce is 18 years old. He was born in June 1985. He was signed in October 2002. Arce is a native of Bocas Del Toro, Panama.

Other prospects of note I noticed in the book

Carlos Cordero. Who had numbers of 1-5, 6.18 ERA, 36 games, 5 starts, 71 1/3rd innings, 30 walks and 51 strikeouts in 2001 and 2002 down in Salcedo.

Carlos, who will be 20 in April, pitched much better in 2003. 9 starts, 55 innings, 4-1, 9 walks, 47 strikeouts. Cordero (6-2/165, RHP) will turn out to be a good prospect if he can continue his development in Single-A ball (well, duh)

Another Young Royal is Manuel Jose Juan

Manuel will be 18 on February 5th. He bats from both sides of the plate and throws with his right hand. He played shortstop for Salcedo in 2003. He was signed in August 2002 at the age of 16.

His 2003 numbers were:

28 for 137
3 doubles, 1 triple, 1 homer
20 walks, 3 HBP, 30 strikeouts

The Youngest Royal (as of the time of the Media Guide's publication) is Angelo Morales. Morales, 6-1/170, RHP, was born on May 2nd, 1986. In his first season of professional ball in 2003, he wasn't too bad.

3-3, 3.05 ERA, 8 games, 7 games started, 37 1/3rd innings, 30 hits, 14 runs, 13 earned, 13 walks, 31 strikeouts.

Not that bad.

The best name in the organization (at the time the book came out) is Jason Rollie Fingers. Who is, of course, the son of Rollie Fingers. I have no clue if he is still with the organization.

The Royals have minor leaguers who were born in the following nations. America, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Panama, Germany (Ramsey Carter), Italy (Matt McDonnell), Canada and tons of guys from South Africa. Including Barry Armitage, Konrad Weitz, Brett Willemburg and Bruce McCleland. Those guys are signings by Mike Randall, part-time scout in South Africa. The Royals also have scouts in Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, The Dominican Republic and Idaho. :D

Position Players who have pitched for the Royals: Jerry Terrell, Joe Simpson, Leon Roberts, Bill Pecota, David Howard, Shane Halter

The Youngest Pitcher to start for the Royals - Saberhagen (20y/8d). Zack Greinke has a small shot of being #2 on that list. #2 right now is Mark Littell (20y/5m/27d). 3 through 10 are Tom Gordon, Jim Pittsley, Mike Jones, Kevin Appier, Melido Perez, Jose Rosado, Miguel Asencio and Mark Gubicza.

and here's the Royals moves to Idaho Falls

Robert Bryan - Transferred from Royals Rookie Advanced to Idaho Falls Padres
William Dossett - Transferred from Royals Rookie Advanced to Idaho Falls Padres
Rusty Meyer - Transferred from Royals Rookie Advanced to Idaho Falls Padres
Ira Brown - Transferred from Royals Rookie Advanced to Idaho Falls Padres
Juan Eusebio - Transferred from Royals Rookie Advanced to Idaho Falls Padres
Jacob Guzman - Transferred from Royals Rookie Advanced to Idaho Falls Padres
Reinaldo Velasquez - Transferred from Royals Rookie Advanced to Idaho Falls Padres
Stephen Bray - Transferred from Royals Rookie Advanced to Idaho Falls Padres
Irving Falu - Transferred from Royals Rookie Advanced to Idaho Falls Padres
Matt Ferrara - Transferred from Royals Rookie Advanced to Idaho Falls Padres
Carlos Blanco - Transferred from Royals Rookie Advanced to Idaho Falls Padres
Jeff Barry - Transferred from Royals Rookie Advanced to Idaho Falls Padres
Geraldo Valentin - Transferred from Royals Rookie Advanced to Idaho Falls Padres
Michael Gaffney - Transferred from Royals Rookie Advanced to Idaho Falls Padres
John Gragg Iii - Transferred from Royals Rookie Advanced to Idaho Falls Padres
Jacob Mullis - Transferred from Royals Rookie Advanced to Idaho Falls Padres
Walter Sevilla - Transferred from Royals Rookie Advanced to Idaho Falls Padres
Alexis Alexander - Transferred from Royals Rookie Advanced to Idaho Falls Padres
Jose Lopez - Transferred from Royals Rookie Advanced to Idaho Falls Padres
Brian Nendza - Transferred from Royals Rookie Advanced to Idaho Falls Padres
Gabriel Boruff - Transferred from Royals Rookie Advanced to Idaho Falls Padres
Chris Coughlin - Transferred from Royals Rookie Advanced to Idaho Falls Padres
Jeff Alleva - Transferred from Royals Rookie Advanced to Idaho Falls Padres
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Monday, December 22, 2003

OOTP madness

I just completed my first simulation on OOTP (and if I can get it to LOAD.. DAMNIT, then it won't be the last).

and as KC against STL.. I lost 2-1 in 13 innings

The names were changed for legal reasons.. meaning the pitching decisions I made weren't that good knowing who they were.

various pitching stuff:

starters- Woody Williams (Cardinals), Elvys (Royals)

Renteria hit a lead-off homer
Guiel scored from second on an error by the catcher

8th inning - Affeldt comes in, gets an out, and we move on with reliever Jeremy Hill (aka 'Kendry Borrego' on the game). Scott Mullen relieves him. And gives up a home run to Edmonds in the 13th

Winner - Mike Crudale
Loser - Scott Mullen

(other pitchers making appearances - Gene Stechschulte, Jason Isringhausen, Al Levine, Albie Lopez. Albie pitched the 13th, after I pulled Mullen with 0 outs after the HR)

Aaron Guiel and Carlos Febles put up good offensive numbers for KC.
- # posted by Robert : 8:57 PM
Love me non-tender

Kris Wilson = non-tendered

and he'll likely come back with a minor league deal

other non-tenders include my guilty pleasure Randall Simon, Jay Payton (who is oddly popular among Royals fans), Kit Pellow, Jeremy Hill (You mean you can't kick him off the 40-man roster without losing him to somebody else?) and some others.

And in other KC Royals news.. the Royals have invited 29 pitchers to Spring Training. Which should be the staffs of the Royals, Omaha and Wichita.

and Cal Pickering is whupping butt in Mexico, .280 BA, 13 HRs, 32 RBI
- # posted by Robert : 11:29 AM

Friday, December 19, 2003

Kris Wilson on the way out?

It appears that's the case. Wilson got an offer and he may accept it, or not.

Wilson's job can be taken by Nate Field. Field doesn't have glaring problems with left-handed hitters like Wilson has had in the majors. We have plenty of right-handing pitching in the pen. Losing Wilson shouldn't be too big of a blow.

We'll see the results of 'non-tender mania' tomorrow.
- # posted by Robert : 5:54 PM
One thing left

Remember the fervor in July? when we just had to get a left-handed relief pitcher? Then we got Graeme Lloyd

Well.. that didn't work out very well for a variety of reasons. Such as an AL/NL difference in pitching, the fact that Shea and Kauffman are not very similar, and also Pena kept using Lloyd against anybody. Lloyd also blowing hard didn't help.

Disregarding his condition, Lloyd was misused from Pena from the start. He first came into a game to face right-handed hitter Joe Crede with a runner on first and two outs while the Royals were down 10 runs. Sure, that worked.

Then, the next night, the game was 5-5. Jerry Manuel pulled out the bait. Brian Daubach, bringing out Lloyd to replace Nate Field. Field wasn't doing too horribly. He had a good inning and then gave up 2 walks and a single.

Two outs, Lloyd gets to pitch to Sandy Alomar Jr., it was blatant. Pena was suckered into bringing out Lloyd. Two-RBI single by Alomar, and that was all. Oh yeah, I didn't mention that Lloyd pitched to Roberto Alomar (a horrid hitter from the right side), giving up an RBI and he got Carlos Lee out. Lee (for whatever reason) just can't hit left-handed pitching, despite being a right-handed batter.

Lloyd's first loss was the Tampa game I went to. Lloyd was put into the game at THE START OF THE INNING (Lefty 3-out guy). Perez (RHB) pinch hit for Anderson (LHB) and got an out. Huff (LHB) got on-base in a bizarre play that somehow got to Lloyd, and then went into the stands for a 'ground rule double'. Then, up comes Rocco Baldelli (RHB).

You have a man on second, one out, 6-5 lead. You're the manager, what do you do?

a) pull Lloyd, bring in another pitcher to pitch to Baldelli
b) intentionally walk Baldelli allowing for Lee to face Lloyd
c) nothing

Pena did nothing, and Baldelli hit an RBI double. Tie-game. Lee comes up with Baldelli on second. Single and the game is 7-6 Tampa.

(Never mind that Pena didn't help matters by bringing in Grimsley to replace Lloyd)

Between this game, and the next big event. Lloyd was 'passable'. He pitched an inning in Chicago, then he faced Travis Lee (single), Rolls (out), Anderson (double) and he faced Giambi (out), Williams (double), Matsui (single) in the Yankee game.

It should be noted that around this time, people realized how horrible Lloyd was when it came to getting lefties out. Although Lee isn't horrible against lefties.

The big incident with Lloyd that hurt Kansas City was on August 24th, 2003.

Big game.. Royals @ Twins. Johan Santana is smoking the Royals. Kevin Appier is getting 3-2 counts and surviving. Turns out that Appier has to leave early due to injury. The Game is 1-1. So, who comes in for the big job of relieving Appier??

Is it Levine (last pitched 3 days ago), Grimsley (2 days ago), Affeldt (2 innings two days ago)..

nope.. it's Graeme Lloyd. Who, by what I've found, never had to pitch in the 3rd inning before. And, he hadn't pitched over 3 innings in 6 years. Long relief baby!

So, will Graeme save the day?

Stewart (walk), Rivas (walk), Mientkiewicz (out), LeCroy (single, RBI), Koskie (sac fly, RBI), Hunter (walk), Jones (single, RBI).. yes, when Jacque Jones starts unleashing his bat on you.. run. Pierzynski (out).

The totals: 3 outs, all against left-handed batters, 3 walks, 2 singles, 3 runs allowed.

After that, Graeme pitched 4 more games (including a month-long break). He was a goner.

It seems that 10+ ERAs don't get you resigned. Graeme may be in Chicago. Which means he'll probably kick ass in 2004. Unless he's totally done-for.

But, who will provide us with the ability to get left-handed hitters out this year? (other than maybe a right-handed pitcher)

Most of the lefties we have on our roster are too useful to confine to one role.

Well, except for one. Chris George.

Remember him? 9 wins? 7+ ERA?

It may be amazing to find this out, but George wasn't totally horrible against left-handed hitters. Granted, they hit .280 off of him (compared to .319 by righties). His WHIP was 1.40.

Chris George will most likely not make the team as a starter. Even if he'd be better off with Benito as his catcher instead of DiFelice. He shouldn't be in the spot to make Kelly Stinnett into his new battery buddy either. Guys with 6+ career ERAs shouldn't get special caddies.

Chris George might be useful against left-handed batters. He has a decent fastball, but only when his fastball and changeup became too similar, he got killed. With his walk rate, he may not be a candidate for 'Knuckleball 101'. Still, he will need to develop breaking pitches if he is to successful. Ask Jose Lima what having a changeup and a lousy fastball does for your career.

Chris George is only 24. Remember that, he can come back and be useful. Just something about his ability to get out of tight situations gives me confidence that he'd be a good pitcher to use to get one out.

Any thoughts?
- # posted by Robert : 3:40 PM

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Rich Thompson is not Endy Chavez

This is a bit late, but with the development of my spreadsheets on stuff like stolen bases and doubles and all that, I noticed something interesting

Rich Thompson wasn't too horrible in 2003.

Rich was compared to the last outfielder the Royals took. Endy Chavez.

Turns out, if you compare the two, you can see that Thompson is a much better player than Chavez

1) Chavez in 2000 had 38 stolen bases and he was caught 16 times for a 70% success rate in High-A. Thompson in AA and AAA stole 48 bases and was caught 7 times for an 87% success rate.

70% success in High-A is not a very good sign of your base-running skills. Endy went on to have some unimpressive showings on the bases. Mostly staying around 70% accuracy. He was 18 for 25 with the Expos

Thompson, playing in a higher level than Chavez, has shown himself to be effiecent on the basepaths.

You may even say Thompson could be better than Alexis Gomez when it comes stealing bases. Heck, it's easy to say that. Gomez was 36 for 60 in 2002 and 4 for 9 in 2003. I think Gomez was hurt this year (any clarifaction?), or the effects of aging two years was a huge drop in stolen bases. Maybe the first base coach noticed Gomez's success rate wasn't very good.

In my eyes, a success rate of 80% or more is ideal for a base-stealing threat. That would include Soriano (81%) and Beltran (91%, the best base-stealer since Tim Raines)

In 2004, Rich Thompson will be useful off the bench. He will be useful in late innings. Or when the Royals need a pinch runner. Rich may not walk much, but he will run. If he can hit well in KC, he might be in left field in 2005 (with DeJesus in Center). You never know.

At the very least, he is not Endy Chavez. He's much more seasoned and better on the bases.

But, in other stuff:

Jamey Wright signed with the Cubs. Expect Dusty to notice that Jamey can pitch long periods of time. And then Jamey will go about 140 pitches in a game. But, seriously, he'll be a reliever there.

Mike DiFelice signed with the Tigers. Under Detroit's rebuilding plan of 'Sign former Royals'

No truth to the rumor that Joe Vitiello is signing with Detroit (I actually think Joe signed for 2004 already)

Tomorrow - Last day to accept arbitration, which concerns nobody here

Saturday - Non Tender Mania! Please, Non-tender Rivas out of the AL! Hehehe

anyways.. I hope I was informative, or at the very least, funny
- # posted by Robert : 10:18 PM
Once again, to clarify

Tony Pena = not mauled by pitbulls in the Dominican

thank you for your time.

(also, the Tigers new plan of action seems to be 'signing as many former Royals as possible')
- # posted by Robert : 7:08 AM

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Now with comments!

and oh yeah, another Royal blog emerged.

One other thought - when it comes to dealing Dee Brown or Alexis Gomez, it's a bit hard to think of teams that have a lack of outfield talent. Maybe the Mets (then again, trading with the Mets is the solution to any problem, since you can get a good deal if you try).. or trading with the Cardinals (like Dee Brown wouldn't have a fairshot of beating out Greg Vaughn).

Maybe the Pirates need an outfielder. They might still have something to offer after that Rule V debacle.

When it comes to a trade, I still place value in getting a catcher prospect, a third baseman prospect or another pitching prospect (just in case).

As for the 'massive trade'.. no new news on it, except a rumor that Selig might do something.

- # posted by Robert : 11:55 PM
Royals sign catcher

the catcher - Kelly Stinnett, formerly of the Phillies

Stinnett appears to be a capable backup, and he has had some power at times.

and here's some Royals salary info: here

28 million is being spent, and about 13 million more is due for Beltran and May.

Chicago has 47m, Minnesota has around 33m

Also.. the massive trade of doom may effect the Royals

Magglio may be on his way to Boston
Nomar may be on his way to Chicago or LA
If Nomar goes to Chicago, Valentin may be going to Seattle in exchange for Freddy Garcia

Who knows how this all will work out. It's just a massive massive deal.
- # posted by Robert : 5:28 PM
Another Blog

Right here

Hey.. who knew? I guess the market for team-blogs isn't quite small in KC. Haha.

and in the category of moves:

Al Levine to the Tigers
Reggie Sanders to the Cardinals
Greg Vaughn to the Cardinals

Vaughn might play left field while Pujols goes to first base.

The Royals haven't done anything big since Rule V.

Let me just brag for a moment about Colter Bean being picked in Rule V. Hehehehe.. but I doubt he'll catch on in Boston. But, I bet the Sox trade him rather than let him go back to the Yankees.

that's all for now.. i'll be hearing the ocean in Phoenix with Brent Mayne.
- # posted by Robert : 4:31 PM

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Rule V comments

MIT pitcher = eeeehhhh

traded for speedy outfielder = ok..

(why didn't the Padres just draft the pitcher?)

Rich Thompson appears to be the closest KC will have to the 'Designated Runner'. He was 48 for 55 in steal attempts in the minors. He's also said to have good defensive skills. Which will be useful considering Guiel, Beltran and DeJesus are all good defensively. Ha. (Guiel's expertise seems to be 'diving'). Thompson doesn't appear to walk much, but he runs alot.

Expect a few minor league singings. (Jeff Guiel anybody?). We might sign a backup catcher or make a trade to get a catcher. We do have Alley and Pierce, and Tonis, and Paul Phillps. Yeah, the team doesn't suck as much when it comes to minor league catchers. It's just prospects that we have problems with.

Here's some of the free agents out there

John Pachot (formerly with the Giants in AA). Hitting well for Caguas in Puerto Rico right now too.

Iker Franco is also looking good. He's made it to the SAL and the Mexican League. Due to some D-Ray policy of leading out players to Mexican League teams for no apparent reason. (Money??). Anybody know if Iker is a FA or if he's still with the D-Rays?

Maybe Alexis Gomez will be traded (once they decline to give him another option year due to the age thing) and maybe Gomez is traded for a catcher. Or Dee Brown. I'm not too into Ramon Castro, not until they can at least settle the legal stuff he's in right now.

And I'm watching Game 6 on ESPN Classic. Here are the big flaws in the Bottom of the 9th for St. Louis

#1- Clark's throw was wide and the glove & ball was probably obscured by Orta's head. Well, that, and Denkinger didn't really notice that. Hey, Orta didn't score, remember that.

#2- Clark screwing up on that easy popup

#3- The Passed Ball

#4- The Intentional Walk to McRae. Intentional Walks do not work. You have too high of a chance of the runners on-base or the runner walked scoring, which hurts your shot of winning the game. What's to say the batter doesn't hit one to your shortstop with men on second and third, 5-2-3. Ya know.

For reference, Concepcion and Sundberg scored on that play.

Friday's the deadline for players to accept arbitration. Saturday is the last day to tender contracts. 60 days until the pitchers & catchers report
- # posted by Robert : 1:05 AM

Saturday, December 13, 2003

The Wheel of Misc. Free Agents!

Orosco - signed by Arizona
John Franco - offered arb. by the Mets
Rickey - free agent
Julio Franco - may return to the Braves
Galarraga - free agent
Mark Quinn - free agent
Albie Lopez - free agent
Graeme Lloyd - free agent
Jose Canseco - wants to come back again
- # posted by Robert : 8:36 PM

Friday, December 12, 2003

Short Benito thoughts

I think we'll get a catcher in Rule V in the next week. He will have two great mentors (Pena and Santiago)

Benito will probably be more of a backup by 2005. I don't think he'll have two good years. Come on, he's 39! It's not like he's Barry Bonds. He will have a good year in 2004 but 2005 may get ugly.

Which is why the Protege (Chris Shelton?) would be useful for the future. Maier's moving to third base and Tonis hasn't shown an ability to play for long periods of time without going down to another injury.

Rule V is the time for some Christmas gifts to be taken from other teams. Hehehe..

Won't somebody use a pick on Colter Bean?
- # posted by Robert : 12:33 AM

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Santiago signs with KC!


"Kansas City Royals: Free-agent catcher Benito Santiago agreed to a two-year, $4.3 million contract, ESPN.com's Jayson Stark reports."

'The former San Francisco Giant will make another $1.1 million a year if he gets into 150 games, according to Stark, and Santiago could earn another $300,000 for 550 plate appearances.'

Don't worry about the incentives.. Santiago last appeared in over 150 games and got over 550 PAs in 1991.

Hey.. it's 2.15M a year.. considering our other catcher will be Tonis, or a Rule V guy, it works out in the end.
- # posted by Robert : 9:18 PM
Small correction

Mark Davis won a Cy Young, Storm Davis did not. Bret Saberhagen did, though.
- # posted by Robert : 3:39 PM
Recent signings

Matt Stairs - (Platoon first baseman). Looks like a good deal, if he is paired with Harvey at first. Then again, he might start against lefties too. Pena doesn't like to platoon much. Stairs might be the starting left fielder in 2004. 1 year, 1 million.

Scott Sullivan - (Reliever). Grimsley (who was resigned for no real reason) moves down the totem pole. Sullivan looks like a good pickup. 2 year deal.

And we'll get something in return for Michael Tucker!

This could be the most exciting offseason since 1989-1990. But, remember that we signed two Cy Youngs who flopped and finished in 6th in 1990. Hopefully we top that.

How about Mondesi or Santiago?

let's face it.. the Twins are still losing alot.. they've given up Pierzynski, Guardado, Milton, they might trade Jacque Jones. The White Sox are going to lose Colon, Tom Gordon and Sullivan. Marte or Koch will close for the Sox.

The Central is ours to win.
- # posted by Robert : 3:29 PM

Friday, December 05, 2003

Ozzie Guillen makes me optimistic

"Ozzie was saying that we are going to be in this together. If it’s time to move the runner over, then we are going to do it as a team. He just came from the Florida Marlins, where you saw Ivan (Rodriguez) and (Derek) Lee bunting guys over during the playoffs"

BTW.. neither Derrek or Pudge had one sac bunt in the playoffs. Lee has zero sac-bunts in his career. Pudge had one in 2003.

anybody think that Frank Thomas will be pissy this year? :)

Frank will probably surprise the opposition when he bunts.

At least with Tony Pena, it doesn't sound so stupid. Sure, Beltran will bunt, but he's fast and he can beat the throw. Brent Mayne can bunt, and surprise the heck out of the opposition.

Oh yeah, Dean Palmer will be earning money from the DL as a Tiger in 2004. (Well, he'll get hurt sometime)

Julio Franco is on his way back to the Braves, unless they fail to sign him, then he could be going to Texas for all we know.
- # posted by Robert : 10:50 PM

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Twins take firm stance to trade players; get infielders

Gone from Minnesota: Eric Milton
Going to Minnesota: Carlos Silva and Nick Punto. Punto will be an infielder with Rivas, Guzman and Koskie.

Plus, their rotation doesn't seem to be showing signs of being any good. While they lost a great setup man (Hawkins, who I think will become the Cubs' closer), they risk losing Eddie Guardado (their closer), Shannon Stewart, Kenny Rogers and Rick Reed.

Let's say the worst happens, and all four guys don't resign.

The Twins rotation would have at least Santana, Mays, Lohse.

Lohse's ERA in 02 and 03: 4.23 in 02, 4.61 in 03

Mays was 5.38 and 6.30

Santana will be a good starter. Even if the Royals owned him this year. (5.71 ERA in 17 1/3 innings v. KC)

If they lose Guardado, who closes for them?

The Central is ours for the taking. Neither Chicago or Minnesota is making upgrades. Chicago is standing still and Minnesota traded their best hitter (Pierzynski).

The Royals will have to make a few upgrades in pitching. And they will have to hope for good health for their pitchers, or else Zack Greinke will be a Royal by June.
- # posted by Robert : 10:31 PM

According to Gen. Andrew Jackson of ESPN, Raul Mondesi and Benito Santiago are close to signing with the Royals.

Mondesi should be a starting right fielder for the Royals. No doubt about it. Aaron Guiel has range, but Raul Mondesi has a great arm. Let's quote an ESPN scouting report here.

"His throwing arm is one of the most respected in the majors, and baserunners almost never challenge him. He has good range in right and can fill in in center if needed."

Guiel can be in left field. Mondesi does reportedly have problems with right-handed pitching, but with the 'hitting background' in the K, he will hit very well.

Benito Santiago, he put up a good average in Pac Bell Park, and it's possible he could do that in KC too.


Mondesi - 10 for 24, 5 runs, 3 home runs, 8 RBI, 7 walks, 2 strikeouts, 2 stolen bases
Santiago - 2 for 17, 1 walk, 4 strikeouts

as aways, beware of small sample sizes

Expect both guys to be signed by like Monday or so.
- # posted by Robert : 2:44 PM

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Meanwhile in Chicago:

The White Sox trade Aaron Miles for Juan Uribe. Moving Valentin to second and ending the Roberto Alomar experience in Chicago.

Well, we'll see how this develops. Although I hear Uribe wasn't much in Colorado. Which should speak for his bat.
- # posted by Robert : 11:36 PM
Live at the Games

Unfortunately, I was only able to get to 7 home games at the K, None of them have really been boring, some were just annoying, let's go though them.

#1- Giants @ Royals (6/13/03)

Barry Bonds, Neifi Perez, and material for commercials. Chris George struck Bonds out first, but Mike MacDougal make it into commercials by striking out Bonds in the 9th.

#2- Mariners @ Royals (July 2003)

It was all going well. Bret Boone was ejected. We were scoring. Well, until Mike MacDougal melted down, giving up several hits and a grand slam to Ichiro Suzuki.

#3- Devil Rays @ Royals (August 2003)

Lima make his comeback from injury, for two innings. He gave up tons of runs and left. Joe Kennedy also gave up runs and left early. Angel Berroa scored with an inside-the-park home run. Then Graeme Lloyd blew the game. Gave up 3 runs in 1/3rd of an inning.

#4- Yankees @ Royals (8/11/03)

Lots of doubles. And Paul Abbott's KC debut. Abbott sucked that night. But, the Royals made a comeback by pounding David Wells and the Yankee bullpen. Jesse Orosco didn't impress us either. This was the only game that Graeme Lloyd pitched for KC that the Royals won

#5- Twins @ Royals (8/15/03)

Very annoying game. I guess that happens when you sit by the right field foul pole. The kids around me were annoying. Also, Kenny Rogers and beat up on us. One more thing, that night was Desi Relaford's start in Center Field. Desi was horrible, balls flew over his head, he threw a ball that was around the third base stands.

#6- Diamondbacks @ Royals (9/4/03)

You have Grimsley and Carrasco in your pen. Both of them make appearances, and both are horrible on that day. Aaron Guiel hit a leadoff home run off of Randy Johnson. Kris Wilson ended up losing the same. Felix Jose did make his return to the K, after about 8 years away.

#7- Indians @ Royals (9/10/03)

The Royals won, I got a t-shirt, all is good. But, the Royals didn't win the other two games in the series.

In the 7 games, I saw the following starting pitchers. Chris George, Jeremy Affeldt, Jose Lima, Paul Abbott, Jimmy Gobble, Brad Voyles and Brian Anderson.

The Royals won the 3 games I was in the upper deck, and lost the 4 I was in the lower deck.

The following are the 'crazy fans/general weirdness'

Game 1- They screwed up the trivia, giving out the wrong answer, and correcting it soon after. Also, I was introduced to the Hot Dog Race. Mustard Rules!

Game 3- The Pennant Petting Zoo. I swear, these guys had animal masks on and they were shirtless.

Game 4- Nothing quite like the Mascot dumps the Yankee fan in a hot tub thing to get the crowd into the game.

Game 5- These fans had these calling things that are supposed to attract turkeys, I think, and they were messing with them in right field as Jimmy Gobble stretched. Um.. bright move guys!

Game 6- I don't know who the guy was, but he was in a chicken suit in the right field stands.

Game 7- Game 6 was the first encounter with Crazy Vendor Guy. In this game, he came by and proclaimed "If you don't buy your kids ice cream, it's child abuse". Yeah, I think that might be an exaggeration. He also coined the phrase "I believe! in Frosty Malts!"

A day at the park includes the Hot Dog Race, The Lemonade guy (who was heard over the radio by people in other cities). Lemonade, Lemonade, Woooooooo, Some kid trying to hit a home run at the K (or the one time that the kid hit Sluggerr with a line drive up the middle at the Arizona game, It was on ESPN too), the shot of donuts and Baseball too.

2003 is the year of 'Believe'
2004 is the year of 'Achieve'
- # posted by Robert : 6:51 PM
Mike Sweeney sighting

Mike came by the Royals messege board on MLB.com and left a post (This was confirmed by his father, Mike Sr)

He does have the default name (Base Ball). Maybe because his dad has the name 'Mike Sweeney' on the board (to be fair, his father had it first. :) )

Mike had alot of praise for Joe Randa, including a wish that we could play left field (so we could witness Joe at work). [NOTE: If you are a major league outfielder and a free agent, you can become the Royals left fielder. See Allard Baird for details]. I sat on the left field side on the lower level at the K on 3 occasions (Mariners in July, D-Rays in August and D-Backs in September). Unfortunately, everytime I've been on the lower level for a game, the Royals have lost.

Just another interesting off-season thing.
- # posted by Robert : 6:07 PM
The top 40


these rankings are very skewed towards the AZL Royals players. Kenard Springer? I guess I sorta overlooked him on the AZL Royals.

Top batters-

AZL: Springer
Burlington: Donald Murphy
Wilmington: Ruben Gotay
Wichita: Byron Gettis (Machado was traded in the deal for Leskanic)
Omaha: David DeJesus

The top pitcher is Zack Greinke. Of Course. :)

Top starters-
AZL: Dustin Hughes
Burlington: Ambiorix Burgos (Kieran was traded to Cleveland)
Wilmington: Brian Bass
Wichita: Zack Greinke
Omaha: Ryan Baerlocher

Top relievers-
AZL: Alexis Encarnacion
Burlington: Devon Lowery
Wilmington: Eduardo Villacis
Wichita: Buddy Carlyle
Omaha: Les Walrond

And the top prospect teams include Colt Griffin on the first team.

And the top 10 list

1. Zack Greinke, RHP
2. Chris Lubanski, OF
3. Colt Griffin, RHP
4. David DeJesus, OF
5. Brian Bass, RHP
6. Donald Murphy, 2B
7. Mitch Maier, C
8. Byron Gettis, OF
9. Alexis Gomez, OF
10. Shane Costa, OF

Colt Griffin is getting alot of love.
- # posted by Robert : 4:35 PM

Monday, December 01, 2003


via the KC Star:

'Veteran reliever Jason Grimsley believes the “next few days are going to be crucial” to determining whether he returns next year for a fourth season in the Royals' bullpen'

The maddening sequence of Grimsley returning to KC? the guy who fell apart this year and cost us the AL Central? the guy who forced KC talk radio (Petro) to claim that the reason he was sucking so badly is because he wasn't pitching enough, or because he was burned out from pitching too much.

Why can't Levine come back instead? somebody not named Grimsley?

doesn't KC have a veteran named Dawley around too?

of the other FAs, here's a summary

Lima - not going to budge
Mayne - trying to get him
White - trying to get him, and not injure him in the process
Jamey Wright - minor league contract
Levine - maybe
Tucker - long shot
DiFelice - long shot
Prince - nope (they should offer him a job as a coach though)
The Boomerrang - looooong gone

I think other teams are reluctant to get Lloyd since they have to give the Royals a can of Skippy Peanut Butter as compensation if they sign him before Saturday
- # posted by Robert : 7:07 AM

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