Friday, October 31, 2003

Joy to the World!

Pena and Baird are signed though 2006!


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Down to 21

Jamey Wright and Graeme Lloyd filed, meaning the Royals now have 21 on their 40 man roster.

More will be added as acquisitions or as ways to avoid Rule V.
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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Dennys here

Dennys Reyes is the newest Royals signee. While his ERA looked good in Tucson, his WHIP wasn't that great (1.4). He was Graeme Lloyd-horrible in the majors in 2003 as a Pirate and a D-Back.

Although Reyes does appear to be a hefty guy. Nothing against him though. I'm sure he will have a good year in Omaha and I hope he has a decent showing in Kansas City whenever he's called up.

And meanwhile, we have some defectors!

Welcome to America, Maels Rodriguez (RHP) and Yobal Dueñas (2B)!

Rodriguez sounds like an awesome pitcher. 100-mph fastball and all. He was hurt (maybe after overwork).

Yobal is said to be on the downside of his career. But, I bet he will have some useful years.

I expect the chorus of people on the Royals boards to suggest signing Yoby as the starting second baseman. It's more reasonable than signing Castillo or Pudge.

Best wishes to Maels and Yobal
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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Thanks to the Royals

Victims of Bonds 73 Home Run season: Jamey Wright (#3), Paul Abbott (#40), Graeme Lloyd (#55), Kevin Appier (#56), Albie Lopez (#60)

(from the Best Book of Baseball Facts)

And in other news..

Delmon Young is tearing up the AFL, 11 for 19 in 6 games as a Taxi Squad member of the Mesa Solar Sox.

And Rickie Weeks is hitting .326 (14 for 43) in 13 AFL games. Although he has 2 extra base hits.

Delmon appears to be living up to some of the hype with his hot start in professional baseball (remember that he didn't play in the minors this year since he signed too late).

And I had said before that I'd pick Weeks over Young. But, maybe Delmon has what it takes to make it to the majors very soon. Heck, if he debuts next year, he could be doing it as an 18 year old, or after he turns 19 in September. Remember, Alex Rodriguez debuted in the major leagues before he turned 19.

Time will tell if Delmon will be delightful for the D-Rays
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Beltran Online

Believe the hype.. Carlos Beltran is posting on the Royals board on mlb.com.

posts (1, 2, 3)

and the article

Beltran himself even gets involved in the speculation about what's in store for him.

He's a regular participant in the on-line message board on the team's Web site, using his own name.

''I like to see what people think, because fans are the ones who really care about us,'' he said. ''Baseball without the fans is nothing.''

''Sometimes they don't say good things about me,'' he said. ''But I don't get upset about it. I just have fun.''

Let me just say that while I bet alot of players lurk around the net (or in the case of Curt Schilling, they'll Everquest around).. Beltran is open about it and he's posting to the biggest Royal forum. That's unique for a player who is on his way to a huge contract. Say what you will about him or his agent, I like that he's posting on the internet.
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Bye Bye Bartolo

In an overall disappointing month for Chicago's two Barts, Bartolo Colon will not be back as a White Sox pitcher.

Bartolo is said to think pinstripes will make him look thinner.

Also filing for FA from Chicago: Jurassic Carl Everett, Sandy Alomar Jr and Jose Valentin.

Valentin is the shortstop and Luis Rivas is the second baseman on the 'Royal Killer' team.

Valentin, with his Freddy Mercury moustache, hit 6 home runs in 7 games at Kauffman Stadium for a .393 batting average and a 1628 OPS. His numbers v. KC this year: .365/.476/.923 with 8 home runs.

Luis Rivas hit .303/.347/.591 with 5 home runs against KC this year.

Rivas is also a candidate to be moving out of Minnesota. We wish Jose and Luis the best (unless they stay in the AL Central)

Former Royals among the filed FAs:

Tom Goodwin, Felix Jose, Chris Stynes, Jeff Suppan, Dave McCarty, Jeff Reboulet

I wonder who will take Felix Jose's offer of '5 months in Mexico and September in the Big Leagues'. Probably the Expos or the Pirates. Hey Felix, it's not good for your career prospects when ESPN identifies you as a 'DH' and you're in the NL. You might as well shoot for Lenny Harris' record
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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Kazuo declares free agency

Big market clubs with a desire to get a shortstop.. begin bidding. (That means you Mets!)

meanwhile in Japan.. the curse of the Colonel lives on as Hanshin lost the Japan series. (The Curse of the Colonel started after they won the title in 1985 and celebrated by dumping a statue of Colonel Sanders (representing former Royal Randy Bass) in a canal, it was never seen again)

and Frank Thomas may stay in Chicago since he realizes nobody else would pay him 8 million.
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The Incredible Serrano grooves on!

David DeJesus update: 11 games, 11 runs, 14 for 41 (.341 BA), 3 doubles, 2 triples, 2 home runs, 1072 OPS (413/659)

and the Royals unleashed their pitchers in a 3-1 loss

Baerlocher, 2.0 innings, 4 hits, 3/3 runs/earned runs, 3 BB, 2 SO, 1 HR
McClellan, 2.0 innings, 3 hits, 2 strikeouts
Serrano, 1 inning, 1 hit allowed, 1 strikeout

McClellan, 1.20 WHIP
Serrano, 0.75 WHIP

Serrano's WHIP and ERA are polar opposites. His ERA is now 5.63, but he allows one person onto base every 1 1/3 innings. Unless he lowers his ERA, he won't get credit. Heck, ERA isn't helpful for relief pitchers, we've been over this.

WHIP with the Royals

Affeldt (as a relief pitcher) - 1.01 [30.2 innings]
Leskanic - 1.04 [26 innings]
MacDougal - 1.50 [64 innings]

Meanwhile, the object of my shilling, Mike Jacobs (Catcher-Mets system) is getting some playing time in the Arizona Fall League. As a 'taxi squad' member, he's 4 for 10 with a double, a HR and 4 RBI.

And the Mets catcher of the future, Mr. Justin Huber, is hitting .206/.333/.265 through 34 ABs (7 for 34)

Quick, get Mike Jacobs! He's expendable (on a team with Phillips, Piazza, Huber and Vance Wilson) and unless he has to move to first, he could fit into the puzzle. (Something tells me he won't be moving to third, like many see Mitch Maier doing)
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The Zack Attack

No actual news here, but I am passing on this card.

and this one too

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The number of Royals who have filed is now 8

Brian Anderson
Kevin Appier
Mike DiFelice
Raul Ibanez
Jose Lima
Joe Randa
Michael Tucker
Rondell White

Still no Graeme "The Boomerang" Lloyd. But the KC Star today says that Tequila Tom Prince and Lloyd have no shot of coming back in 2004.

I don't know what the deal for Appier would be, he's messed up and near the end of his career. He might take a small deal.

Somebody reach me at fry_mah_hide@hotmail.com about what happens to a player when he doesn't file for free agency. Does he stay with his current team?

As for Whitey and the Red Sox.. it's still not likely, but maybe it would have been a few years ago.
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Monday, October 27, 2003


Apologies to the Sojomaniacs, but Luis was released by the Yankees. Presumably, he will return to his previous position of 'being paid by the Yankees' in 2004.

And the Yankees added Sam Marsonek to their 40-man roster. Sam's ERA was 4.84 as a 'closer' in Columbus. That's after a 5.01 ERA as a starter in the Eastern League and a 3.51 ERA as a pitcher in Tampa.

Marsonek has been a Yankee farmhand since 2000 and the Rangers blew alot of money on him when he was their 1st round pick in 1996.

Marsonek's positive qualities: quite a few strikeouts (120/39 in Tampa, but 57/31 in Columbus)

Marsonek's WHIP is a dandy 1.37. Which is great if you love a closer who will give you cardiac arrest! :D

Marsonek is probably more deserving of a 40 man roster spot than Jeremy Hill.

Meanwhile in Royalsland, speculation may arise from Whitey Herzog claiming that if the Red Sox call him about their manager job, he'll listen

I wouldn't give Whitey a good shot of taking the job. I don't think any of the players he managed are still in the major leagues, unless Zeile was in St. Louis in the late 80s.
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Colon turns down offer, Big 'Hurt' may leave Chicago?

source (found via rotoworld)

"Frank Thomas has until Thursday to decide whether to return in 2004 for $6 million


If Thomas rejects the $6 million pact for 2004, the Sox are expected to set him free rather than offer the $8 million stipulated by his contract.

Although Thomas rebounded in 2003 to hit 42 home runs, he said in the season's final week that he wasn't necessarily eager to test the free-agent waters.

"You never know what the free-agent market's going to hold," he said. "Last year was a bust."

So Thomas wants to stay with the Sox?

"Of course I want to be here," he said. "This has been my career home. I had a great year and I hope to be back.""

Thomas might agree to the deal, but there's a good shot that he turns it down. You just never know.

I, for one, would be overjoyed at Thomas pouting and leaving. No more massive popups from Frank.

Meanwhile, Tom Gordon may be on his way out as he desires that Billy Koch be thrown to the wolves in 2004.

Twins dismantling team. Check.
White Sox in disarray, despite being in the third biggest market. Check

Barring some huge screwup, the AL Central is winnable for the Royals.
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Lima, DiFelice file for free agency

The first two have filed, and it's not the two who put up horrible second half showings (Lloyd and Grimsley)

It's Jose Lima and Mike DiFelice.

DiFelice didn't do all that much except for that trash can incident. Oh yeah, DiFelice also saw his CERA (Catcher's ERA) spin out of control while he caught for Chris George and the others. (Most of them just happened to have bad days with Mike calling the game)

DiFelice stats: Caught 16 out of 53 runners, 5.84 catchers ERA
Mayne stats: Caught 26 out of 82 runners, 4.68 catchers ERA

I'm in a minority here, but DiFelice probably isn't a good 'caller' of games. Sure, with a Chris George, that isn't a huge factor, but it counts. If 'calling' of games didn't mean anything, nobody would mention it as a way to praise some catchers and denounce others. The numbers probably still say that when Mayne caught for Chris George (in 2001 and 2002), George fared better than he did when Hinch, Brito or DiFelice caught for him.

Damned if I know how Chris George won 9 games, but those are 9 Royals wins and I'll keep them.

As for Lima, he's just filing and getting on the way to resolving this dispute. He wants 2 years, he wants to retire here (he's only 30, so don't expect him to retire young). The Royals want 1 year. I'd favor a deal with one year, incentives for that year (in case he totally breaks down) and a team option for 2005.

Other filings:

The Minnesota team is crumbling. Shannon Stewart and Eddie Guardado filed. Jesse Orosco got tired of telling '86 Mets' stories with Gardenhire to the kids and he filed. (No clue where Jesse goes in 2004). They may trade some guys, they might release Pierzynski. Carl Pohlad (the wealthiest man in Minnesota) doesn't really mind the idea of dismembering his team. Same here Carl.. you should trade Luis Rivas to some team that doesn't play so many games against Kansas City. You should also bring in Jose Paniagua and Chuck Knoblauch too. It's not my duty to stop the dismantling of the Twins.

And bad news for Grady Little.. he just got fired. But, he'll open up a tour with Jerry Manuel titled "How to get fired from a second-place team without even trying"
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Final Sunday Notes

Kudos to Jack who showed me that a Javelina is a muskhog.

Meanwhile.. I'm sorta less enthusastic about Benito after getting these quotes from March 2003.


"I want to get it done before the end of spring training, or I'm not coming back... I'm not playing for free anymore. It's too late for this year (to renegotiate), but they better take care of me beyond that. I want two or three years.
--Benito Santiago, Giants catcher (Sacramento Bee)

"They want me to work with the young pitchers, but I'm not going to do it for free. I will play hard, but I'm not happy. This has been on my mind a long time. Only Ivan Rodríguez and Paul LoDuca can catch with me in this league.

"If they don't take care of me, it's goodbye. Who else is going to do it around here? I've been playing for free for three years. I helped the pitchers get to the playoffs, I helped the team get to the World Series. What more do they want?"

and I hear Santiago had a bad year throwing out baserunners. Here's a question for ya: Affeldt is pitching, Santiago is catching. Where am I? Running towards second base.
(Affeldt's pickoff move of throwing to first as the runner charges towards second failed, especially against Edgar Renteria)

As for the guys on the boards, while I'm skeptical about the Balboni Curse since Luis Gonzalez broke it. Although Gonzalez struck out 11 times in the 2001 World Series (the record for World Series strikeouts is 12, set by Willie Wilson in 1980).

I will say that Jack Clark probably got some hex put on him for dropping a foul popup in Game 6. Clark was the DH for the Yankees in 1988, and he was traded away and replaced by Balboni.

I just want to know who's angry at Houston. The Astros and the former Oilers never did much in the postseason. The Oilers, now in Nashville, are still coming up short of victories (The Super Bowl).

as for the Free Agent market: no word on if Graeme Lloyd, Jason Grimsley or Michael Tucker have filed.

But.. in White Sox Manager news.. the leading candidate is Cito Gaston.

Something tells me that unless Cito can tame headcases (like Frank Thomas), he'll be in for a ride. Hey.. you thought Manuel was known for some odd pitching choices, wait until you hit the Cito Express! But, it could be worse.. the Sox could hire Buddy Bell (who exhibited an ability to have each team he managed go into a tailspin) or they could hire Tony Muser. Ozzie Guillen seems like a good choice, but Ozzie never managed Kenny Williams in Toronto! Bwahaha

On a positive note, I saw a picture of what the new setup in The Cell will be and it looks like in the 14th season at Comiskey II, they finally got something going. But, watch something mess up in the process.

anyways.. I may update in the morning (especially if a Royal files for FA)
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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Benny and the Royals?

As you may have noticed if you follow the Royals, they have a bit of a problem with catchers. Well, considering that all 3 catchers who played for KC are free agents. That's not great.

Brent Mayne and his absurd multi-million dollar option was turned aside. He might return.

Tequila Tom Prince probably will not return. He might be a good manager someday

Mike DiFelice isn't too likely to return

The man who will step in next year? Benito Santiago

Yes.. Benito, who will be 39 on opening day 2004, could be in Kansas City. He's a free agent and all. Sure, he did play on the NL All-Star team with Tony Pena in 1989. (1989, the same year that Bo Jackson homered and won MVP)

Lets look at what he did recently in San Francisco

2003- .279/.329/.424, 11HR, 401AB
2002- .278/.315/.450, 16HR, 478AB
2001- .262/.295/.369, 6HR, 477AB

Benito, despite his age, has put up better numbers in a more pitcher friendly park than Mayne has in a hitter-friendly park.

Granted, I'd say that Benito won't put up too much power in 2004. He might hit about .285 or so in Kauffman Stadium. You should remember some things.

#1- Brent Mayne hit .300 in San Francisco (granted, it was at Candlestick and not Pac Bell)

#2- The guys similar to Benny at 37 (after 2002), have not done much at Age 39.

While it looks like most of Benito's hits come down in shallow left field, he could get some more in Kauffman Stadium. Although when he played here in 2003, he did not get one hit in six at-bats. Benny grounded out to Randa and Berroa, or he popped up. He's 2 for 17 lifetime in the K.


Maybe if they can't get somebody else. I'm not the most enthusiastic about getting him. I hear he still has something left in the tank. He seems to be a popular player too.

Maybe Benny? Maybe.

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The Kansas City 15

Out of the 15 Royals free agents.. here's how it comes out

Likely to return

Kevin Appier (he'll lay back on his alpaca farm and come back from surgery by May)

Raul Ibanez (Fan favorite, hits well in KC.)

Curt Leskanic (Unless he puts up an insane offer, he will stay as a reliable reliever)

Jose Lima (Granted, if Jose can get out of his 'groin injury'-induced slump, he'll be worth it. Even with his status as a fan favorite, who knows where he will go next year. Where the hell is his slider?)

Brent Mayne (Backup city, welcome Brent Mayne)

Joe Randa (Likes the area, a fan favorite, nobody else is at third. Unless you're an idiot and you want to put Desi Relaford at third base)

Likely to leave:

Brian Anderson (I don't see staying, even if he likes the place. Just a hunch)

Mike DiFelice (Unless he discovers a magic bat, he won't play a role since Mayne will be a backup)

Al Levine (Never really stood out during his time in KC, probably will leave quietly)

Rondell White (Despite the good reception for him in his time here, KC has better options.)

Jamey Wright (Pitched well [was able to pitch for 8 innings without a high pitch count], fell apart in his final start. Did grow up as a Royals fan though)

Long gone:

Jason Grimsley (Somebody in the Royals organization does know that Grimsley was the third worst pitcher with inherited runners in baseball)

Graeme Lloyd ("I come from a land down under, Where beer does flow and men chunder, Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?, You better run, you better take cover.")

Tom Prince (He'll be preparing for his acting debut as Tony Muser in 'The Tony Pena Story', coming soon to NBC)

Michael Tucker (for whatever reason, I never really liked Tucker. He did stop arguing with Umpires over the strikezone. But, he was inconsistant in figuring out what he should swing at and what he should take. He struck out too much without providing power to make up for it.)
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Arizona Update

David DeJesus is down to a .351 average. He also has a 1078 OPS.

Well, before a 1 for 4 day with a double

Right now, he's 14 for 41 with 10 runs. He's struck out 4 times, walked 3 times and he got hit by 2 pitches. He's also 5 for 5 in stealing bases.

David DeJesus, the future?

heck, he could be a Royal in 2004 if they can't bring Raul Ibanez back. (Hint to Raul: You're crazy if you go back to Seattle. Safeco field = the death of Raul's batting average)

And other Royals in Peoria before their most recent game
Byron Gettis - .237/.341/.342
James Shanks - .250/.308/.250
Chad Santos - .179/.214/.205
Mike Tonis - .240/.283/.300

Ryan Baerlocher - 7.15 ERA, 9 earned runs in 11.1 innings, 1.59 WHIP, 3 walks/9 strikeouts. Opponents BA/OBP: .306/.370
Zach McClellan - 2.77 ERA, 4 earned runs in 13 innings, 1.15 WHIP, 3 walks/9 strikeouts. Opponent's BA/OBP: .250/.288
Jim Serrano - 6.43 ERA, 5 earned runs in 7 innings, 0.71 WHIP. 0 walks/5 strikeouts. Opponent's BA/OBP: .192/.192, He has given up 2 home runs

Peoria is 5-13.

The numbers don't say much for Baerlocher. But, McClellan and Serrano seem to be pretty good. Serrano just seems to have some problem that causes 5 hits and 5 runs to be allowed. ERA for relief pitchers isn't really that descriptive since no relief pitcher is going to go 9 straight innings. Now, for starters, it's handy. But my stat of choice for relievers is WHIP (Walks+Hits/Innings Pitched)

Needless to say.. the Javelinas (Spanish for Javelins? somebody e-mail me at fry_mah_hide@hotmail.com and mention what a Javelina is) are not doing well

I blame it on sunspots.
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In other baseball news

"The Mets reportedly have decided to make interim Jim Duquette their permanent general manager"

Get ready for more Graeme Lloyd for Jeremy Hill deals. (One of those rare deals where one player sucks horribly in the majors and the other guy sucks in Double-A)

And the Mets want to move Jose Reyes over for Kazuo Matsui. Ya know, Kaz might hit in America. Or, he might turn out to be a no-hit, great-field shortstop. I'm sure the Mets are ready for that possibility. Mwahahaha.

Hopefully the Mets will use their third pick well. Although it's possible they'll use it on a high school player. It's possible that player will be a relief pitcher. (It could be a college reliever like a Huston Street too). At least they can't lose the pick because they signed some free agent.

No word on if George Steinbrenner's head has exploded yet.
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You know what free agent day means?

If you're the Orioles, that means that you no longer have to pay Albert Belle for doing nothing.


Guys who can file for free agency from KC: Brian Anderson, lhp; Kevin Appier, rhp; Michael DiFelice, c; Jason Grimsley, rhp; Raul Ibanez, of; Curtis Leskanic, rhp; Alan Levine, rhp; Jose Lima, rhp; Graeme Lloyd, rhp; Brent Mayne, c; Thomas Prince, c; Joe Randa, 3b; Michael Tucker, of; Rondell White, of; Jamey Wright, rhp.

Well.. having 15 guys who can leave isn't the most comforting thought.. but, St. Louis has 16 potential free agents.

In other news, Julio Franco can file for free agency. Sammy Sosa can leave Chicago if he desires a restraining order from Jay Mariotti. And Neifi Perez is a candidate for starting shortstop in San Francisco

And according to Weekly World News, an Ice Cube enema is not a cure for a drug overdose
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Bush and Lima

Why wouldn't it surprise me if Lima somehow runs for a position of power. He's got the charisma part down. He golfs enough to be in politics. He's a much better musician than John Ashcroft.

Lima for Governor!
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Set your clocks back

and the Marlins did win the world series tonight, with the "Fingertip tag" and some damned good pitching.

The last time that the Yankees lost the World Series at home and this time have some similarities

The Yankees lost in 6 games after leading 2-1.

Although, most can say that George Steinbrenner won't apologize for this showing like he did in 1981. He probably won't fire the coaching staff (but Zimmer will retire to join the rest of the 'Lollypop Gang' in retirement in the Land of Oz). While Clemens is gone, Wells will probably stay for 2004, Andy will get a big deal. But, that leaves the Yankee rotation to Andy, Mussina, Weaver, Contreras and somebody (Wells is probably bound for a surgery)

As for the Royals.. I think that the Graeme "Boomerang" Lloyd erroruh is over.

Graeme's day must have sucked. The Yankees lose (Wells in his book says that Graeme loved playing in New York), Jeff Loria has the World Series and he's no longer employed.

But, I think that Graeme's "mini-me" is still a Royal.
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Saturday, October 25, 2003

A short recap of Royals stuff in the offseason

Negociating deals with Ibanez and Randa
Lima wants 2 years
Mayne gets his option declined
Brent Abernathy is kicked off the 40 man roster

Needless to say, not much is going on.

and if the Marlins win tonight, then it's time for some action. (I think once the WS ends, free agency starts up)

and if what I've heard about the park factor in Tahoma is correct (that it's a big time pitchers park), then guys like Luis "The Other" Figueroa, Mickey Lopez and Adrian Myers are bound to get a job in AAA somewhere else.

I also hear that the Major League Equivilent of what Rob Stratton did in Albuquerque would be a .194 BA. Ouch
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Friday, October 24, 2003

Rob Stratton, you're free!

I didn't notice that the master of striking out is now a free agent (again, actually)

Stratton stats
2003: .212/32 HR/175 strikeouts/372 ABs
2002: .238/27 HR/126 strikeouts/336 ABs
2001: .247/30 HR/203 strikeouts/490 ABs

so.. lets do though the strikeouts per AB

2003: 1K every 2.12ABs
2002: 1K every 2.66ABs
2001: 1K every 2.41ABs

Stratton is a HR machine, 165 HRs over his 8 years in the minors. Granted, he could hit some more, but striking out is a huge deterant to hitting home runs. If you get Stratton to strikeout less, you get more HRs (you should get a Nobel if you get Stratton's K/AB ratio to one K in every 3 ABs)
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It's Minor League Free Agent day!

"A total of 588 minor leaguers were granted free agency under baseball's six-year renewal plan, which provides freedom to players signed in 1997 or earlier who were not placed on major league 40-man rosters. They became eligible to sign with any club as of Oct. 15."


People on the list

Jeff Guiel (Angels)
Mitch Meluskey (Astros)
Esix Snead (Mets)
Olmedo Saenz (A's)
Ruben "Jeter's Glove" Rivera (Orioles)
Rontrez Johnson (Braves)
Lance Burkhart (Rangers) [Lance would be a relative of Morgan, I'd presume, since both of them were born near St. Louis, around the same time and both are sorta the same size, only Lance is BR/TR and Morgan is BB/TL]

and the Royals on the list


Pitchers: Buddy Carlyle, Ryan Douglass, Pat Flury, Jason Gilfillan, Bobby M. Jones, Garrett Lee, Jimmy Osting, Brian Rose, Shaun Shiery.

Catchers: Juan Brito.

Infielders: Morgan Burkhart, Jed Hansen, Brian Harris, Tom Lora, Julius Matos, Luis Ordaz, Nick Ortiz, Oscar Salazar, Mike Saunches.

Outfielders: Benny Agbayani, Mike Kelly, Steve Medrano.
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Thursday, October 23, 2003

Brewers release Rusch
Granted, the Brewers turning down his $5.2M option was obvious and he wasn't that good. Who knows how things will go. Rusch probably won't be back here. Since he wasn't that impressive. He is welcome to pitch for the T-Bones.

The Brewers also declined an option on Royce Clayton. Which doesn't surprise me.

Miguel Saladin was outrighted to New Orleans. Supposedly the word on the street says he'd be a decent pickup. I don't know what he was doing before 1999. Or why the Astros had a 24 year old from the Dominican making his rookieball debut. Rotoworld claims Saladin isn't a prospect, which is obvious, since he probably wasn't one when he was signed either. Although, to be fair to Miguel, they didn't know he was born in 1975 when they signed him, they thought he was born in 1978.
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Oh yeah.. world series stuff.. the Miami team won. Take that Back to the Future II.

And the Javelinas are whupping some ass, I think they've won two games in a row, including a beating on Team USA.

David DeJesus is still putting up a showing that should make people not feel so bad if the Royals are unable to resign Raul Ibanez. (Meaning that DeJesus would be in LF counting his days until Beltran leaves)

I'd prefer Ibanez to be back, but I never quite realize his age. He seems like a reasonable guy. But, if he's going to go for a high price, let somebody else learn the lesson of 'paying attention to park effects'

Raul at the K: .316/.361/.482
Raul on the Road: .274/.328/.427

Raul is a consistant hitter, and hopefully that means he doesn't fall in 2004.

Remember this if you follow the Rangers

Your team had Sosa and Juan Gonzalez in their system. They had lineups of Sosa, Palmeiro, Franco. They had Dean Palmer striking out in Tulsa. But, they couldn't put the pieces together. They gave the White Sox a choice between Sosa and Gonzalez and they picked Sosa. I'm sure the reason the Rangers never really won anything is because they can't develop any decent pitching.

Or the tides.

Here's some stuff I'd like updates or info on, or you can just comment on the questions

1. do the Tigers have Dean Palmer locked up for 2004 too?

2. do the Padres plan to stick to their plan of 'getting big free agents' (Tejada? Kaz Matsui?)

3. will First-Baseman Seung-Yeop Lee get a job in the majors in 2004? (Lee hit .301 with 56 home runs in the KBO this year)

More complete Lee stats- 56 HR, .301/.428/.699, 144 RBI, 115 runs, 101 walks, 89 strikeouts

4. How much will the Royals pay Brent Mayne?
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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Clearing space

The Chiefs won.. granted, it was too close.

Anyways.. here's some Royals news!

Brent "Abby" Abernathy and his .050 BA has been outrighted to Omaha

Brandon Berger has been outrighted too.

Which is pretty good.. considering that neither of them will need a 40 man roster spot.

Anyways, David DeJesus is whupping some ass in Arizona. But the Javelinas have been pretty sad. 2-11.

and the Mexican Pacific Fall League has started.

Featuring former Royals Jon Nunnally, Scott Mullen, Pat Lennon and others!

and also current Royals like Morgan Burkhart and Rick DeHart. Burkhart, for being in a league that gives American sluggers 5 HRs to start off with, is 3 for 27. Just a small slump.

I think the Dominican Winter League will be starting soon.. which should feature Royals such as Berroa, Febles and others.

and sorry ladies, I don't think they'll be sending Mike MacDougal back to the Puerto Rican Winter League
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Sunday, October 12, 2003

Short summary

Cubs are close to the World Series, but then again, anything can happen. Hopefully Zambrano will get the job done for them. Go Cubs.

And the Red Sox and Yankees got into a fight of some sort. Any more info on that?

Meanwhile back in Royal Land.. no real news.. supposedly Randa and Ibanez will be Royals, depending on some stuff, like resigning with KC.

Now.. let's get into the 'Career Minor Leaguer', who is also known as the 'Cheap Diamond'

Aaron Guiel was a CML. Drafted by the Angels, traded to the Padres, signed by the A's (and then released), played in Mexico and Omaha.

Guiel brokethough in 2003.

But, the CML still lives. Guys like Borowski of the Cubs, and Billy Taylor, and Izzy Alcantara.

Graham Koonce is one such player. Koonce's future won't be bright unless Scott Hatteburg gets hurt. Koonce won't get much time to play in Oakland before the month of September.

Sure, there's drawbacks to CMLs.

1) limited time to produce
2) flaws that kept them down (like constantly striking out or atrocious fielding)

Hank Greenberg didn't sign with the Yankees because he would have never gotten to play while on the same team as Lou Gehrig

but, in organizations today, certain positions are filled for a long time

that applies to you if you're a shortstop in the Ranger, Royal, Yankee or Red Sox organizations. And for you catchers in the Mets organization too.

Guys like Mike Jacobs (blocked by Mike Piazza and Justin Huber).

Stat Line for Jacobs-
17 HR, 36 doubles, 81 RBI, 56 runs, 28 walks/87 strikeouts.

And Jacobs has one more error in 19 more games at Catcher than the 'Phenom' Justin Huber.

If you are a GM in need of a catching prospect, offer the Mets a relief pitcher and they'll probably give you Mike Jacobs. Then you can enjoy his services while the Mets get Huber.

As for Texas Rangers shortstops.. the guy with the inside track on being the backup to ARod is Marshall McDougall. Marshall, who hit six home runs in a game, hasn't really been hitting too much.

Other guys who will be blocked or are being blocked

Ryan Howard - 1B (Phillies), .304/.374/.514, 23 HR, 50 walks/151 strikeouts in the FSL

Unless the Phillies buy a pirated copy of the Indian Supercomputer, they'll keep Jim Thome around while Ryan Howard (a younger Jim Thome) is left to whittle away. Howard is only 24, get him before the Phillies declare him too old, or before they clear out their really crappy AA and AAA first-baggers.

John Gall - 1B (Cardinals), He might be blocked unless the Cardinals decide to not move Pujols to first base when Tino leaves. I don't expect him to be dumped easily though.

Also, I'd think that if you're a first-baseman in the Rockies organization, you're not going to get much of a shot. Not with Todd Helton around for so long.

Well, unless you're Kit Pellow and you can play a few other positions.

Same applies for Royce Huffman (Astros). Royce made the wise career move of thinking "I might as well let Jeff play first place"

I don't think there's much blocking going on in pitching. If you're decent, you can get one of the 5 spots. (I don't think that any rotation is set for a few years in a row). As for outfielders.. Baseball America.com doesn't list their games by an outfield position. But, I am sure that some spots are not made for being opened.

Tony Zuniga, 3B - Toronto's AAA team (Hinske is on his deal that gets him 5.6M in 2007)

Remember.. AAA teams have all sorts of guys who would fit this mold. Maybe Chicago (although most older players in Chicago are already on the team.. Tom Goodwin.. hehe)

If you have any questions or comments for me.. e-mail me at fry_mah_hide@hotmail.com
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Monday, October 06, 2003

Who stays and who goes from the 2003 Royals


Jason Grimsley: The third worst reliever in Baseball when it comes to inherited runs. 28 out of 56 inherited runners scored with Grimsley pitching.

Graeme Lloyd: That slider might be a strike in Geelong, but you suck Graeme.

Michael Tucker: Struck out constantly. Choked in the clutch (I swear 2 or 3 games ended with Tucker striking out.)

Dee "500 ABs" Brown: Dee, maybe you can go somewhere where you're a starter. You can always overthrow the cutoff man and strikeout in Pittsburgh.

Mike DiFelice: Sorry Mike, you lose your backup job to Mayne, You can look into playing somewhere else, except maybe Pittsburgh.

Al Levine: The odd man out. He wasn't bad, but I don't see a place for him.

Stays -

Joe Randa: He may have to take a paycut, but he likes KC, he's a good fielder, a good hitter and we have nobody else. Unless you want to find out that Jarrod Patterson really can't play third base. Oh yeah, you suggest Desi Relaford at third, I kick you in the testicles. Relaford is a butcher at third.

Brent Mayne: Another paycut, hand him a pamphlet on coaching, make him the backup

Raul Ibanez: Lead the Royals in 'Game Winning RBIs' with 15. Also a very good hitter (at least at home).

Curt Leskanic: I'd say he's a good relief pitcher.

Jose Lima: Give him an incentive-based deal, and try to get him to throw stuff that will cause a strike, or stay in the ballpark for an out. Also, get him to stop sucking against left-handed pitching.


Priorities for next year:

- Decent middle relief (To bridge the gap from the starters to the closers)
- More work from your starters. I mean more innings, not more pitches. If you can get 6 or 7 good innings without throwing 110 pitches, then go for it.
- Establish the first pitch strike, and the second pitch strike.
- Get a catcher up to the Majors. Don't get some 30 year old guy. Either trade for a young guy (Mike Jacobs of the Mets organization) or bring Tonis up for 2004.
- Develop a future third baseman. Joe Randa won't play forever.
- Don't get hurt so much. If need be, get better trainers and medical staff.
- Don't go flat with the new fences (385 to LCF/RCF and 410 to CF), remember that you have to hit in the gaps more than ever.

FA priorities- reserve outfielder (for the corners). I'm sure there's a cheap guy out there.

Last priority..

make 2003 look mediocre by winning more games and establishing strong memories.

Go Royals
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Guide to nicknames used on this blog

Dauber - The nickname for Jason Gilfillan, who does resemble Dauber from Coach

Kung Fu Quinn - Mark Quinn injured himself once kung fu fighting with his brother

Roy Berroa - Roy = Rookie of the Year

500 ABs - Dee Brown claims that with 500 at-bats for the Royals, he can show them that he's a star. I calculated that with 500 at-bats, Dee Brown would strikeout about 132 times.

Mullet - Johnny Damon should cut his hair

Boomerang - What happened to the Royals hopes of victory when they bought out Graeme Lloyd in 2003. In the 15 or so games that Graeme came out to pitch, the Royals won one of those games.
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Former Royals in the postseason right now:

Jermaine Dye (A's)
Johnny Damon (Red Sox)
Tom Goodwin (Cubs)

And Royals in the AFL

After 4 games

Bryon Gettis - 3 for 18, double and a homer
Chad Santos - 2 for 9
James Shanks - 1 for 9
Mike Tonis - 3 for 12

Ryan Baerlocher - 1 game, 3 innings, 2 strikeouts, 1 win
Zack McClellan - 2 games, 3 innings, no hits allowed, 1 walk, 3 strikeouts
Jim Serrano - 1 game, 1 inning, 2 runs given up, 2 strikeouts

Former Royals contributions to the AFL

Jeremy Affeldt (2001)
Brian Ahern (1994)
Jeff Austin (1999)
Brandon Berger (2001)
Angel "Roy" Berroa (2001)
Brian Bevil (1994)
Jaime Bluma (1995)
Dee "500 ABs" Brown (1999-2000)
Mel Bunch (1996)
Enrique Burros (1993)
Jared Camp (2000)
Dera Clark (1992)
Mike Curry (2000)
Johnny "Mullet" Damon (1995)
David DeJesus (2002)
Joe Dillon (2000)
Chad Durbin (1999)
Burt Evans (1994)
Sal Fasano (1995)
Jeremy Giambi (1997)
Jason "Dauber" Gilfillan (2001)
Alexis Gomez (2001)
Shane Halter (1994)
Bob "The Hammer" Hamelin (1992)
Jed Hansen (1996, 1998)
Ken Harvey (2002) [broke several AFL records in 2002]
Aric LeClair (2002)
Aaron Lineweaver (1998)
Ryan Long (1998)
Allen McDill (1996)
Sean McNally (1999)
Dan Miceli (1992)
Dennis Moeller (1992)
Domingo Mota (1992)
Scott Mullen (1999)
Rod Myers (1994, 1997)
Les Norman (1993, 1995)
Jon Nunnally (1995)
Wes Obermueller (2002)
Kit Pellow (1998)
Paul Phillips (1999-2000)
Ed Pierce (1993)
Mark "Kung Fu" Quinn (1997-1998)
Joe Randa (1994-1995)
Ken Ray (1996-1997)
Dan Reichert (1998)
Scott Runyan (1997)
Brian Schackleford (2002)
Toby Smith (1996)
Kyle Snyder (2001-2002)
Shawn Sonnier (2000)
Larry Sutton (1994)
Mike Sweeney (1996)
Cory Thurman (2000)
Goef Tomlinson (1999)
Michael Tucker (1994-1995)
Brad "Let's Go" Voyles (2001)
Hugh Walker (1993)
Matt Whisenant (1997)
Dusty Wrightsman (2002)

Other AFL alum:

Chris Weinke (Toronto, 1994)
Randall Simon (Atlanta, 1996)
Raul Ibanez (Mariners, 1996)
Desi Relaford (Mariners/Phillies, 1993-1994, 1996)
Albert Pujols (Cardinals, 2000)

Conclusion: Everybody has played in the AFL. Even Julio Franco (Scottsdale, 1925).
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